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Quinn Buhman ’24

I am Quinn Buhman and would be honored to be your next CSA President. As your President I will advocate for a student-first approach. We are the backbone of Carleton – the reason for its existence. Our well-being and success should be the college’s top priority – a healthier academic culture, fair treatment, amplified student input, and access to resources are essential components of a successful academic experience.

In my three years on CSA, as Secretary, College Council Liaison, and Treasurer, I have had many heartfelt conversations with a broad spectrum of Carleton Students and fought hard for the student body. My platform acts on the concerns raised in these discussions. 

Challenge legacy academic policies

  • Pursue Additional Credits for Labs
    • Lab work is a critical component of many academic programs and students often do not get additional credit for lab time, earning the same six credits as non-lab classes. 
  • Reevaluate Graduation Requirements
    • Current graduation requirements may not be optimal for all students and can be overly burdensome, especially for those in STEM fields. I will work to reevaluate these requirements and make changes that promote a more flexible and inclusive academic experience with an emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration and less on “checking boxes” for requirements such as writing rich or humanistic inquiry.
  • Consider Pre-Med as a Major
    • Students interested in the medical field often have a difficult time completing the liberal arts requirements, in addition to major and pre-med requirements. I will initiate conversations about broadening pre-med into a major to support current students and attract prospective students.

Prioritize student well-being and advocate for a healthier academic culture

  • Carleton is, and should continue to be, a rigorous academic institution; however, we must acknowledge and address the intense pressures on students. The stress of a demanding class load is real and has a significant impact on mental health. I propose a broader campus conversation about how we view academics at Carleton and pursue a path that focuses on quality discussions and deep understanding of topics but with a balanced workload.

Ensure all students have the tools for success, regardless of Economic Background

  • Increase Wages ($15 an hour), Especially for International Students and Break Workers 
    • During my CSA tenure, I have been a strong advocate for increased student wages and helped secure a student pay raise, but I believe the pay structures for international students and students who work during academic breaks must be further evaluated. Many students are restricted to working for the college and their work hours are capped and/or they must pay high housing costs – all of which increase financial stress. I will push to establish a better method for supporting international students and break workers and advocate to increase all student wages to match local pay structures more closely, moving toward a wage rate of $15 an hour.
  • Promote Affordable and Accessible Textbook Options
    • The cost of textbooks can be a significant burden for students. The recent closure of the CSA Textbook Library further limits options for reasonably priced textbooks. I will work with administration and faculty to promote affordable and accessible textbook options, including open-source materials, to help students save money and reduce financial stress.

advocate for all students and student organizations to be heard and supported 

  • Foster Broader CSA Engagement and Support of Student Organizations
  • Student organizations play a critical role in shaping our academic culture, social engagement, and extracurricular activities. CSA has a role in bolstering these activities and the first step is listening. I will establish an open forum to hear directly from organizations about how the CSA can help them achieve their objectives. 
  • Increase Student Input to the Board of Trustees
  • Students should have a voice in shaping the future of Carleton. I will advocate for increased student input to the Board of Trustees. The recent addition of the CSA President as a liaison to the Board is a strong first step; however, additional student voices on the board would provide a broader perspective of student needs and concerns. Additionally, I will continue to encourage responsible investment and open dialogue on the endowment.

I have the background and experience to deliver on these platform promises

  • I have been on CSA for three years, always serving in a leadership role
  • Managed and distributed approximately one million dollars to student organizations and activities
  • Met frequently with organizations to discuss how CSA can better support them
  • I have a strong working relationship with Administration and campus leadership
    • Served on the College Budget Committee and secured the largest increase in student wages in 5 years
    • Serve on Financial Aid Working group to advocate for greater support for students through financial aid packages
  • I have exposure to opportunities and challenges in the broader Carleton community
    • Gain insight on prospective student needs as an employee in the Admissions Office, but also see the perspective of alumni as the Student Ambassador to our Alumni Admissions Representative. My dual role provides a unique 360-degree view of both former and future students
    • Understand the needs of professors and academic staff as Student Departmental Advisor for the Political Science department

My platform is dedicated to promoting student success and well-being. Working together, we will create a rewarding college experience for all students.

Michael Carey ’24

Hello Carleton

I am Michael Carey, a junior chem major and biochem minor from the great state of New Jersey. Admittedly, you have not seen my name in the CSA before; however, I have a vision of the Carleton we all deserve. That is why I am running for CSA president.

My Goals

Student wages.
Need-based aid recipients are being paid nearly minimum wage for their work. Does this sound like what a school (with a billion dollar endowment) that cares about its students would do? Carleton limits the hours that students can work a week, so that students who are working to pay off their tuition are not doing so at the expense of their education. In comparison to other jobs in the Northfield community, Carleton pays a significantly lower wage. Students who need money to support their education might then turn to outside jobs for financial support, working greater hours or traveling greater distances, which will negatively impact their education. I intend to fight for Carleton to raise student wages to a level more on par with similar jobs in the local community.

Parking policies and transparency.
The parking policies here are a headache for everyone. Sleeping through your 6:30am alarm to move your car only to wake up to see a $40 ticket issued to your account is never fun. Or getting a ticket for parking in a spot on the weekend you’ve been parking in for years (never received a ticket before) is a tough one too. At the very least, we need more clarity on parking policies. Ideally, we need better policies. Freshmen who drive out to school should not be left stranded looking for spots in town where they can leave their car for a couple days. Someone in Goodhue shouldn’t have a parking pass at the stadium while someone in Davis has a pass at the rec. For travel, volunteering, employment, accessibility, and social reasons, Carleton students should have a better experience with keeping a car on campus. As CSA president, I would work with security and administration to create more clear and accessible parking options for students across campus.

Mental health resources.
Carleton encourages and at times even requires students to push themselves in an academically rigorous environment. While this has its benefits in building prestige and furthering our education, it also takes its toll on students in the form of their mental health. We deserve a school that will take care of us. As of right now, Carleton SHAC offers counseling services but with limited availability and accessibility. When I look to make an initial appointment now, there are no options for over a week– and even then there is a singular appointment. This shows a high demand for mental health services for students and a limited supply from SHAC. I have also heard from peers that they have called the “24/7/365” counseling service hotline in times of

distress and had nobody pick up. I want to help SHAC and Carleton build a reliable support network for the hardworking students we have here.

As an avid eater, I have my fair share of thoughts about the food available on campus. For one, introducing BBQ sauce in the dining halls was a game changer. However, there are a couple other changes I would make a priority. For one, I believe Sayles should be open later on weeknights. Additionally, I would like to see the return of items like protein silk, which offer a valuable, non-dairy alternative. Access to food for students who are up and working far later than 8 p.m. is important to me. I also intend to use my role as president as a direct communicator between the opinions of students and Bon App/Dining Services in order to see the changes you all want enacted.

Closing Remarks

We as Carls are united in leading our society to a brighter future. As president, I seek to make that process as safe, accessible and enjoyable as possible for all of us. With the many great people who make up this school- from student body to administration- I know we can make the changes we all want and need.

Stephanie Lee ’24

Hi everyone, it is nice to meet you! I’m Stephanie, a Junior Mathematics/Economics major and an international student from Jakarta, Indonesia. Check out @steph4csa on IG for more in-depth details on my campaign. I don’t want to keep my platform too long 🙂 so here is a brief overview on my initiatives:

Campus-Wide Initiatives

  1. Raise Student Wages to $15/hour: It is the institution’s responsibility to relieve financial burden of students, especially given the multiple academic and non-academic commitments and responsibilities students face. I propose to work together with the Board of Trustees to review the possibility of liquidating from the returns of the endowment for this initiative and look at the financial package restructuring efforts that are currently underway with the financial aid working group.
  2. Reform international student health insurance: International students are required to be on the same insurance plan during their at Carleton, which is pre-determined by te college. The current plan is non-comprehensive and non-affordable. Considering that medical costs are extremely expensive in the U.S., I would like to review the possibility of choosing a new plan or allowing students to have the option to choose their own insurance plan.
  3. Streamline abortion resources: In the aftermath of Roe v Wade, Minnesota continues to legalize abortions. However, sentiment regarding abortions within the state of Minnesota and within doctors and nurses, remain polarized. It is crucial that Title 9 and SHAC, provide the adequate resources for a student looking to do an abortion. These resources include: abortion-friendly clinics, funding to cover medical costs and mental health support.
  4. Re-establish the blue light program and address off-campus safety protocols: Many students are put in unsafe situations because they are uncomfortable with seeking help from campus authorities. There are also insufficient safety protocols in place for students that are in dangerous situations while they are off-campus, particularly Northfield. I would like to build more accessible protocols for students to access help through the blue-light program. I would also like to have a conversation with Northfield police about developing a transparent and student-facing program for addressing the potential dangers that can arise in Northfield.
  5. Install more accessibility ramps around campus: There are too many locations on campus that aren’t accessible. I would like to work together with the OAR to identify these spots using data of highly trafficked areas so they can be made more accessible. 
  6. Matcha and Oat milk at campus cafes: These are not only delicious options but also extremely popular amongst students and provide a healthier, but still caffeinated, alternative to coffee.

CSA Initiatives

  1. All-Access Senator Fund: Senators are elected based on their platform initiatives that often require additional funding to execute. In order to make sure that Senators are able to carry out their ideas, it is imperative that they have the funding required in order to so. Therefore, I propose that the Treasurer’s discretionary fund should be accessible to all Senators and in addition, to make it mandatory for Senators to complete at least one project a term (that could be as simple or complex as they choose) using these funds.
  2. Mandate Internal Bias Training for CSA Senators: As we are engaging with the IDE Strategic Planning Process, CSA Senators have many important conversations with various stakeholders within the college. It is important that Senators express their opinions in a thoughtful and conscientious manner. I propose conducting a mandated internal bias training for CSA Senators so that they are more aware of these issues whenever partaking in these important conversations within and outside of CSA Senate meetings.
  3. Data-driven Decision Making at CSA Senate: Along the same thread, CSA Senators represent the larger student body, however these CSA Senators are often limited in their insight of the overall student body. I propose that CSA reforms their current decision-making structure to incorperate more referendums, polls (that are sent out weekly through an anonymous form submission) and tabling sessions/welcome desks (if people feel more comfortable with talking face-to-face). Students outside of CSA should be further encouraged to engage in discourse surrounding big ideas (e.g. Divestment, Hamline incident, Sproncert etc.). I would like to include time within Senate meetings to invite students who are underrepresented in college-wide conversations and to  include diverse opinions and thought. I believe this is the best way for CSA to serve the Carleton community, increase transparency behind our decision-making and increase our presence on campus.
  4. New CSA Position for Alumni Liaison: The last few years have proven more so than ever the lack-of Alumni and student connection. It is in the best interest of both parties to rebuild that connection through more effective communication. Since there has been a disconnect between Alumni and students, Alumni aren’t aware of the priorities of the student body which creates an inefficient and ineffective college-wide planning process. 
  5. Create an official SHAC working group with more student involvement: It is imperative that SHAC services are executed with as much representation and student input as possible, in particular with the construction of the new SHAC. I would like to expand the reach of the current SHAC task-force to include more relevant student groups on campus, particularly OHP, OAR and cultural orgs.
  6. Budget Committee Alumni Fund: Budget Committee is responsible for funding all student events on this campus and as more student groups form, particularly cultural orgs, it is important to continue to foster and support these student communities by providing the funding that they need. However, the CSA budget is currently in a deficit and I believe that it should not be the students’ responsibility to fundraise to cover this deficit, especially in addition to the student activity fee that is already paid for by students. Instead, I propose that some of the costs should be taken on by the Alumni to create a fund that sustains this deficit for the upcoming years.

Continued efforts from past administrations:

  1. Ways to improve CCF
  2. First-year experience
  3. Staff & faculty shortage
  4. Re-evaluating graduation requirements

Past and current involvements on campus:

  • CSA
    • CCCE Liasion
    • Budget Committee
    • Cultural Org Fund Subcommittee
    • Special Projects Committee
    • Constitution & Bylaws Committee
    • Sustainability working group
  • On-campus jobs
    • NSW leader
    • Prefect for Macroeconomics
  • Other relevant involvements
    • Carls Talk Back
    • Student representative on Alumni Annual Fund
    • Alumni IDE training

If you’ve read this far, please reach out to me with any questions, thoughts, comments, feedback! I would also love to get to know you so feel free to also just say hi!

@steph4csa on IG

Shaheer Jaffar ’24

Hello, there!

My name is Shaheer Jaffar (he/him) and I’m an international student from Lahore, Pakistan, double majoring in Economics and GWSS (Gender, Womens and Sexuality Studies). I’m currently serving as the class of 2024 representative and I am running to be your next CSA president!

With this platform, I wanted to share some of the stuff I am hoping to do as your next CSA President. First and foremost, my candidacy for CSA President is centered around you, the Carleton student body. Having been involved with CSA since my first day on campus, I have witnessed the immense potential of Carleton students. My aim is to utilize that potential and establish CSA as your ally in the pursuit of your goals. This is why I am running a campaign based on the #WorkTogether platform. Before I proceed, I realize that my platform is quite lengthy. For those who are short on time and prefer a quicker overview, I have highlighted my main points in bold throughout this email.

What I have accomplished at Carleton:

  • Mosaic Board Member: I have been a board member of Mosaic, a cultural group on campus, for the past two years. I have helped plan events like Holi, Diwali, and South Asia night and have developed strong connections with members of the community. My involvement with Mosaic has allowed me to connect with students from diverse backgrounds and understand their perspectives and needs. As president, I will prioritize allying with cultural groups on campus to ensure that all students feel represented and heard.
  • Class of 2024 Representative: As a Class of 2024 representative, I have had the opportunity to work closely with my peers and the Student Activities Office in planning events and addressing the concerns of my classmates. This has allowed me to develop strong communication skills and the ability to find creative solutions that benefit the wider student body. Furthermore, in the past, I have also been involved with the Wellness group, collaborating with various offices on campus to improve student health and wellbeing. This experience has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the needs and concerns of my peers.
  • CEDI (Carleton Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) Committee: My experiences with the CEDI team have given me a unique perspective on issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion on campus. I believe that it is crucial for the college to be more transparent and timely in addressing incidents of bias and discrimination. I understand the importance of creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students, and I am committed to working towards this goal as president.
  • Residential Assistant: As a Residential Assistant, I have gained a strong understanding of student life and the challenges that students face on a daily basis.

I have also learned how to effectively communicate with students and resolve conflicts in a fair and equitable manner. This experience will be valuable as president, as I will be able to connect with students from all walks of life and work towards creating a positive campus environment.

– Student Budget Committee: Through my work on the committee, I have gained a strong understanding of budgeting and financial management. I have also been able to advise the senate on budget decisions and help allocate funds in a responsible and effective manner. As president, I will bring this expertise to the table when making decisions about student funding.

My Vision for Carleton:

As the president of the Carleton Student Association (CSA), I envision a campus where all students have equal access to resources and opportunities that support their personal and academic growth. To achieve this goal, I believe that collaboration with various groups on campus is key. By partnering with organizations that serve different communities and offer unique resources, I aim to create a supportive and inclusive environment for all students.

Through my presidency, I will work to establish strong relationships with various organizations, including cultural groups, the Career Center, and Student Health and Counseling. By collaborating with these groups, I hope to provide students with access to a range of resources that cater to their diverse needs, from mental and sexual health services to professional development opportunities and career resources.

My goal is to ensure that every student at Carleton feels valued and supported. To achieve this, I will prioritize transparency, open communication, and inclusivity in all my dealings with different groups on campus. I believe that by working together, we can create a vibrant and thriving community where every student can succeed.

How will this Vision come to like (aka what will I do as a President):

Partnership with the Career Center: Have you had trouble finding an internship or research opportunity? Have you had a hard time finding the RIGHT connections? If you are an international student like me, the struggle to find someone who sponsors your work visa is REAL!! The high cost of education at Carleton, combined with the difficulty in finding meaningful opportunities after graduation, can be a cruel and painful experience for students.

  • The initial step in this initiative will be to establish a comprehensive first-year career counseling program, ensuring that incoming college students have a clear understanding of the expectations and opportunities available for internships and research from the start of their college experience.
  • Second, I would like to establish the position of Career Center Liaison.
  • Through collaboration and open communication, my aim is to provide students with thetools and resources they need to succeed in their careers. Whether it’s through career counseling, networking events, or other initiatives, I am dedicated to making sure that every Carleton student has the opportunity to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

Partnership with Student Health and Counseling (SHAC): Let’s be real, sexual health is extremely important and in the past, I have struggled to connect with the right resources if I want to access reliable information and support. That’s why I am committed to advocating for improved sexual health education and resources on campus.

  • Partnering with the SHAC to distribute regular newsletters, either bi-weekly or monthly, can provide students with increased access to information regarding sexual health and STD testing services offered by SHAC. Many students are often unaware of these valuable resources.
  • Collaborating with SHAC to offer no-cost STD testing for students who lack health insurance coverage or have insurance plans that do not include these services, is an important step in ensuring the well-being and health of our student population. Partnership with Cultural Orgs: As a cultural leader on campus, it is imperative for students to have access to diverse and inclusive spaces where they can feel accepted and appreciated.
  • Working with the treasurer to make sure that CSA prioritizes the needs of cultural groups by providing the funding they require to operate effectively.
  • Additionally, I will work closely with cultural groups to promote diversity and inclusion on campus. This could involve hosting events and initiatives that celebrate and bring awareness to different cultures, as well as partnering with these organizations to address any challenges they may face.Introducing changes to Carleton’s Graduation Requirements: Have you felt overburdened by the immense no. of graduation requirements? Particularly, the language requirements are so painstakingly hard and long and almost take 2 years to complete. That is half your time at Carleton. That’s why I am committed to advocating for changes to the graduation requirements so that they are better aligned with the needs of the students. Here are some of the ways I am thinking of going about it:
  • Changes to Language Requirement: This could be done in two ways: either by reducing the number of classes that need to be taken or reducing the credits of those to potentially 2-3 on a Pass/Fail basis.
  • Language Requirement for international and bi-multilingual students: I will push for the administration to let international/bi-multilingual students be able to petition to skip the graduation requirement as soon as they get to Carleton. The resources should be available to international/bi-multilingual students to make informed decisions before they start their academic journey.
  • Changes to Arts practice classes: I have had Studio Art, art history, and/or CAMS majors tell me how hard it is for them to get into classes that are required for their majors. I will push for Studio Art, Art History, and CAMS classes to be set up in a dual system. Class.01 for the majors and Class.02 for the non-majors.

I plan to work closely with the administration to review the existing requirementsidentify areas of overlap, and recommend modifications that will streamline the process for students.

Changes in how Financial Aid Works: Under the current system, students receiving financial aid are often required to take on employment to support their education. This can put an undue burden on students who are already struggling to make ends meet, and it doesn’t allow them to fully focus on their studies. That’s why I am advocating for a change in the financial aid system. I propose that the college should provide the funding for financial aid directly to the students, without tying it to employment. This would give students the flexibility to choose whether or not to work, depending on their individual circumstances. By removing the requirement for student employment from financial aid, I hope to ease the burden on students and allow them to focus on their education. This change would also give students more control over their financial situation, and provide them with the resources they need to succeed. The goal is to make financial aid more accessible and equitable for all students, and I am committed to working toward this change.

Changes in Admissions: Currently, the admissions process tends to favor students from a select few privileged high schools, both domestically and internationally. This can create a barrier for students from diverse backgrounds who may have faced different challenges and may not have had access to the same resources. I believe that this is not only unjust, but it also limits the potential of our student body. By looking beyond just a narrow pool of high schools, we can bring in students from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, enriching the learning environment for everyone. Therefore, I will also push for the admissions process to be more inclusive and to look beyond just a select few privileged high schools, both domestically and internationally. My plan is to write a resolution to the admissions committee urging them to increase outreach and research. This will help ensure that students from all backgrounds have the opportunity to receive a quality education at Carleton College.

CSA Relief Fund Working Group: Given the devastating effects of the recent flooding in Pakistan, coupled with the ongoing climate change crisis, it’s not surprising that many students, particularly those with limited financial resources, like me, found themselves struggling to secure funding for emergency travel and other essential needs. Despite the support provided by the Dean of Students office, it’s clear that the existing resources are limited and may not be enough to address the needs of all affected students. In light of the recent earthquakes in Syria and Turkey, it is becoming increasingly apparent that many of our peers may be facing similar challenges and require additional support. With the CSA Relief Fund, I aim to make a difference for our peers who may be facing adversity. By creating a working group that meets bi-weekly to table in sayles and collect funds, we can provide support to our peers through the CSA Relief Fund, ensuring that no one is left behind during times of crisis and adverse circumstances.

Financial Support for Underrepresented Students: As a student leader, I am deeply committed to ensuring that every student at Carleton, regardless of their background or financial status, has equal access to a high-quality education. I understand that many students, particularly international students and those from low-income backgrounds, face unique challenges and barriers when it comes to paying for and completing their education. This is why I plan to advocate for increased funding for these groups. I will work closely with the Student Financial Aid Office and Admissions to reevaluate the existing financial aid programs and find ways to expand their reach and impact.

Accountability: As Student Body President, I will make it a priority to be accountable to the student body. I will hold weekly office hours to hear directly from students and will use every second of Senate meetings to create agendas that benefit Carleton.

Transparency: I believe that the college should be more transparent in addressing incidents of bias and discrimination. I will work to ensure that the process of reporting and addressing incidents of bias is made more accessible and public.

Concluding Remarks:

As I mentioned in my intro, this is by no means an exhaustive list, just some things I think would be really cool to work on. I am committed to making Carleton a more inclusive, equitable, and accountable community. I am eager to hear your ideas and #WorkTogether to create a better Carleton. To all my fellow Carleton readers, your friendliness, openness, and persistence in the face of challenges, both big and small, are truly inspiring. I have faith in your potential and our collective ability to make a positive impact on this campus. Let’s #WorkTogether to make it happen.

If you have any questions, in the meantime, please feel free to reach out at my email! And if you like to keep up with my campaign, feel free to follow me on Instagram @shaheer4csaprez.

With Love,
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

Vice President

Hala Shabaita ’24

My name is Hala Shabaita, I use she/her pronouns, I’m a Palestinian international student, and a 3rd-year Political Science & International Relations major. Most importantly, I’m hoping to be your next CSA Vice President. I’m running for this position because I believe that my various experiences and identities, in and out of Carleton, have prepared me to see the flaws in our institution but also to see how it can do better. I believe that I’m able to use my skills and knowledge to genuinely serve you—the Carleton student body. This past year the IDE Plan was introduced and approved by the Board of Trustees, which caused much student backlash for many reasons but an essential one is the long trajectory of the plans involved with it. While acknowledging and cooperating with those long-term goals, I also hope to prioritize and develop programs that will feel more personal, tangible, and immediate in order to enhance the current Carleton student experience. 

My involvements on campus (in other words, my qualifications): 

  • President and Co-Founder of the Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) organization:
    • Build a presence and educate the campus community about the beauty, richness, and diversity of our region.
    • Advocate for our communities through awareness campaigns and fundraising. 
    • Lead board meetings and collaborate with the team to curate events that feel good to our community.
  • College Council Liaison
    • Represent students in meetings with College administrators, faculty, and staff and discuss important decisions and programs (i.e. IDE Plan, Housing Plan, and Fiscal Year Budgets)
  • Student Representative on the Education & Curriculum Committee (ECC).
    • Review and discuss our Institutional Learning Outcomes to ensure they reflect Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity values. 
    • Vote on departmental proposals such as changes to Minor and Major requirements. 
    • Propose changes to the Language Requirement exemption rules regarding students who are fluent in another language. 
  • CarlsTalkBack: helped gather, write, and edit demands of all cultural organizations on campus to present to the administration through an open letter.
  • CarlsAct: helped raise $11,000 and supplies for the impacted community of Brooklyn Center following the brutal killing of Daunte Wright by police officers. Held a Palestine Awareness Week during the violent attacks committed against Palestinian communities in May 2021.
  • Residential Assistant: create a community and be a reference of resources for residents.

These are INITIATIVES that I hope to accomplish, or establish a workframe for during my term as Vice President: 

  • Work with OIL/ISL to extend the Peer Leader program to sophomore year. Providing students of color and international students with the option of having a student mentor during sophomore year and junior year may give them the guidance, advice, and insights into Carleton life which they might otherwise not learn from faculty, other peers, or the College. For example, how soon we should actually start thinking about our major requirements, which resources are available for internship funding, who to go to for different issues that pertain specifically to people of color. 
  • Increase transparency about our curriculum, the reality of the liberal arts education, and graduation requirements. Carleton students are often told we have time to explore during the first two years of our college career, and not to worry about deciding a major “so early on.” My goal is to hold the College accountable and improve its communication regarding the reality of graduation and major requirements, and our Carleton promotional materials to reflect the practical side of liberal arts education and what its benefits and holdbacks are post graduation.
  • Start serious conversations about allowing double majors to combine their comps. Many double majors on campus choose their majors because they are interested in the intersection of the fields. It would only make sense for a combined comps to be an option for them, which in Carleton terms, would beautifully fulfill the mission of liberal arts education. 
  • Create an International Student Resource Handbook in collaboration with ISL: for students by students. There are incredibly important concepts that international students do not learn about from the College, their advisors, or professors which are quite essential to their experience here. This handbook would become a resource for all international students who may not be familiar with the importance of things like: networking, plagiarism, office hours, applying for internship funding, summer internship hunt starting in winter, how race will automatically become part of their experience, the hustle culture, American individualism, finding community and the right social circles, and many other things!
  • Push Carleton to provide students with better and more affordable public transportation. The only public transportation company in Northfield currently charges us $35 for a one-way bus ride to the Twin Cities. This price has increased by $20 since my first year at Carleton. This fact combined with Carleton’s super niche calendar and, for example, requiring people to come back to campus on the 2nd of January, makes our transportation means extremely expensive and inflexible. It is time for Carleton to do something about this. 

Closing Remarks

If you made it this far, thank you so much for reading my platform! I am confident that you will make the right decision in your vote, and hope that you could resonate with me and my platform. Feel free to email me (shabaitah@) with any questions about my platform or my activities on campus.


Thien M. Bui ’24

My name is Thien M. Bui, but most of you would have known me as Kevin. I am currently a Junior at the school majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics, and I hope that my platform would serve you well in this upcoming year. My platform will compose of three key things:

  1. Publicize the termly financial report so that all students can know how their money is being spent.
  2. Push for more communication regarding to and, if needed, the completion of Carleton’s student orgs budget reporting system/migration process.
  3. Establish a direct and open relationship between CSA and the alumni donor network, because this is less vague than “work with administration to combat our budget deficit”. 

What’s in it for me
Before going into details about my platform, I wanted to be candid about my reasons for running. I don’t believe in free labor, and I especially distrust those claiming that they work without pay: whatever form that may entail. I hope that by addressing my motivations this way, openly and quite frankly without prompt, I can be candid and allow you all the choice of knowing exactly what it is you are voting toward. These are the things I will get upon assuming this office as your Treasurer:

  • From the bylaws, I get to administer all CSA funds. Which means I get oversight over roughly $800,000 in capital allocation (figure taken from the previous calendar year).
  • From the bylaws, I get to propose a budget for the next calendar year. The budget will be made in conjunction with the Budget Committee, but I get to present it to the Senate.
  • From the bylaws, I get direct control over the Treasurer Discretionary Fund. Which means any requests “too small a request as to warrant the time” would be under my jurisdiction.
  • And for myself, I get clout.

Platform These bullet points below details some of my motivations, alongside the rationale behind the proposed points above.

  1. As Treasurer, one of our defined duty is to “release a statement detailing the financial status of the CSA”. I believe that as an institution that pride itself in transparency, this report should be publicly accessible to all students and donors at all time. Not only will this allow all of us to know exactly what is going on, it will also double as a great publicity tools for our more obscured funds (e.g. as part of the Treasurer Discretionary Fund, “The Common Meal Fund shall foster community by funding social events that connect students with faculty, administrators, trustees, staff, and alumni.”). The reports have already compiled, and it should be made easily accessible at the csa/funding domain.
  2. As of this past January, the college has mostly migrated all of our finances toward the Workday reporting system, and in the next couple of months should roll out support for student organizations. This could be a long, potentially cumbersome process, and I would like to update org leaders as progress are being made. As a proud ITS personnel myself, I know that technological moves like these are not something that can be rushed. But as the president of Carleton’s pretty small Viet Club, I myself would like welcome any updates that isn’t “we’re currently working on it”.
  3. Lastly, and this may be a very ambitious project. I would like to see a world where the CSA could receive direct support from our very generous alumni network. As most of you may know, we have recently ran into a budget deficit leading to a small increase in our CSA activity dues. I recognize that this is an inevitability given our increased allocations, and as your candidate it is almost a given that I somehow address this issue.  Since CSA receive almost all of our operating funds from fees, I believe there to be room for donors’ involvement, but this process will take time. As your Treasurer, I will only promise on the things I can deliver, which is to do everything in my power to start this communication process. From my involvements in the past couple of years, I know that there exist alums who love us students more than the school itself, and I would like to reach them. By the end of my term, I would like there to be a detailed plan containing next steps for the future Treasurers to carry out if they deem it necessary.


For many of you, this may be your first time hearing of me. Presidential candidate Stephanie Lee says it best, “vote for whomever YOU think is the best candidate!! Don’t vote for someone just because you’re friends with them”. And I believe in my platform. That being said, my involvement with the AAR (Alumni Admission Representative) board and our small entrepreneurship circle has allowed me a unique opportunity to talk and interact with a lot of alums, so for my last and most ambitious proposal I believe myself to be the right person for the job. 
Thank you for your consideration, and always for your time. — 
Thien K. Minh Bui

Annanya Sinha ’25

My name is Annanya Sinha (they/them/theirs), and I am a Psychology major and Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality studies minor from Kolkata, India. I’m running to serve as CSA Treasurer for the 2023-24 school year. 

For the past few months, as an international student dealing with the loss of family and a displaced financial support system, I have been in positions that required leaning on emergency funding from Carleton to survive. From my personal experiences and those of my fellow carls, I fully understand the frustrations of navigating student life at Carleton and dealing with a financial emergency. Many of you may not have to worry about gathering enough funds to buy a plane ticket to fly home. In fact, 70% of Carls comes from the top 20% of the wealth in the United States. Within that number, 20% come from the top 1%. However, as I mentioned in my initiatives, Carleton Mutual Aid (a community funding resource) had over 4000$ in unfulfilled emergency funding requests. In a few days, they managed to raise over 2000$ in funds which leads me to believe that as a community of students, Carls support each other, but, as an institution, Carleton does not have adequate support systems in place to assist its students who need emergency funding. As a treasurer, I will work tirelessly to allocate funds from Carleton’s large budget and emphasize the need to consolidate funds for emergencies. This is not just the right thing to do but also a demonstration of our commitment to supporting our fellow students and creating a community that genuinely cares for one another. 


  • CAASHA Advocate 
    • I am a student advocate trained to provide support and resources to peers who have experienced unwanted sexual contact or have questions about sexual misconduct. I have helped navigate complex and often emotional conversations between students and have helped provide non-judgmental listening and support to Carleton students.
    • Navigating difficult conversations has reinforced the need to be transparent, honest, and patient with people. It has also broadened my knowledge of Carleton’s resources, whether academic or related to Title IX. 
  • International Student Life, Peer Leader
    • I serve as a liaison for the Office of International Student Life and international students to facilitate resources and conversations within the international student body.
    • I mentor a cohort of 12 globally diverse students, help them define academic goals, and maintain educational, personal, and professional development priorities.
    • Weekly event planning and programming to curate cultural events
  • Research Assistant, Perception Lab 
    • I implement stimulus presentation program experiments on participants and transcribe participant data efficaciously, so I have an eye for detail!


  • Expanding CSA’s funding sources: During the 5th week of winter term’23, Carleton Mutual Aid, a community resource highly used by Carleton students, had an urgent need for 4000 dollars in emergency unfulfilled requests and just a little more than 100$ to fulfill them. Through social media fundraising, they raised 2000 dollars within a few days. This highlights the pressing need for additional support in addressing the emergency financial needs of our fellow students. 
    • Establish CSA’s support for Carleton Mutual Aid Fund using Carleton’s Capital Reserves Fund/Rollover to unite CMAF.
    • Smooth over the relationship between the Emergency Fund and Carleton Mutual Aid Fund
    • Aim to build several safeguards to ensure students don’t need to rely entirely on community funding.
    • Work with the Alumni Office, particularly Multicultural Alumni Network, to build support and secure periodic funding to serve Carleton students in need.
    • With these steps, we could not only fulfill immediate requests for emergency aid but also make a long-lasting positive impact on the Carleton community. In conclusion, I believe that allocating CSA funds for emergency student aid is not just the right thing to do but also an opportunity for us to demonstrate our commitment to supporting our fellow students in their time of need. I look forward to your support in making this proposal a reality.
  • Increase transparency
    • Publish meeting schedules and agendas in advance so that students can attend or provide input.
    • Provide regular updates on the committee’s decisions and progress.
    • Encourage students’ feedback on the budget process through weekly meetings and online recommendations.
    • Provide clear guidelines for the budget process and decision-making criteria.
  • Increase Cultural Organizational Fund
    • Typically, the cultural organization fund provides funding to student organizations that promote and celebrate culture and provide community or create opportunities for students of color, international students, and their allies. I aim to increase funding. 
    • Streamline the funding application process by conducting workshops on the process, redefining CSA Financial Guidelines, and emphasizing the decision-making of the CSA Budget Committee.
    • Increase approachability of procuring funding for new upcoming cultural groups like the Middle Eastern & North African student association (MENA) and Pacific Islanders Association. 

Source for numbers that I cited discussing students’ wealth and need for consistent funding:,a%20poor%20family


George Lefkowicz ’25

Hey Y’all, 

My name is George Lefkowicz (he/him/they/them) and I want to be your next Communication Officer for CSA. I am a current sophomore prospective Political Science major from Atlanta, Georgia. I wouldn’t be surprised if most people have no idea what the CSA Communications Officer does, but I have some ideas I want to share with y’all. 

Campus engagement/qualifications:

  • I currently play for the Carleton Ultimate Team (CUT), and am the Business Manager for KRLX 88.1 FM (you have probably received an email from me attempting to pedal merch of some kind). Additionally, I am an editor for the Undergradute Journal of Humanistic Studies (UJHS) and am the reigning Political Science Triva Champion (not to flex). 

Highlighting Student Organizations: 

  • Carleton is home to over 200 different student organizations, most of which directly receive funding and support from CSA every spring. As Communications Officer, I would use the power of CSA to highlight the important events hosted by these organizations. 
  • One way I want to accomplish this is to spotlight a different student organization every week through CSA emails and social media so that both students and the broader community can know more about what Carls are up to on campus. 
  • I know that Carls love to use Google Calendar. I would work to highlight important upcoming events on a shared Google Calendar so that students can see events clearly laid out within the context of their schedules. 

Increase Transparency: 

  • Every week, CSA makes important decisions that both indirectly and directly impact student life. While the current communication system offers a comprehensive lens into the inner workings of the CSA, I believe that we can streamline our communication systems highlighting the most important things CSA is working on while maintaining transparency.
  • In addition to sending campus wide emails, I want to highlight key CSA decisions through other communication methods including social media accounts and through use of the screens in the dining halls. 

Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ll vote for me as your CSA Communications Officer! Follow me on Instagram @georgesendsemails and message me with any questions at all. 

College Council

Arthur Onwumere ’24

Fun Facts:

I am from Houston, TX (Posse Scholar)

Major: Gender Women’s Sexuality Studies

I enjoy: cooking, photography, wrestling, and lifting

I don’t enjoy: pecans, Dallas Cowboys, rainy days, Horror Films

My name is Arthur O (he/him) and I running for CSA’s College Council Rep. Below is information about 1) What is the College Council Rep 2) My previous Experience 3) Your Involvement = Progress 4) Goals, Priorities, and Initiatives

1) What is the College Council Representative

The mission of the Council will be the development of policies in areas having to do with matters other than educational policy or curriculum. Where appropriate, the Council will make recommendations to the Board of Trustees for action. 

As the need arises for policy formulation (e.g., a new parking policy for students and guests), the Council will establish subcommittees, to consist of members of the Council and appropriate other members of the community, to meet, consult, and produce policy recommendations

2) My Previous Experience

Gender Sexuality Center, GSC Liaison

  • Worked alongside the GSC to bring forth concerns or ideas from both the LGBTQ+ community at Carleton and within the GSC as it relates to Student Life 
  • Participated in GSC-planned programs and attended staff meetings with GSCAs and Director

IDE Working Committee, Student Advisor                     October 2021-February 2022

  •  Aid in IDE Draft components
  • Gather feedback from fellow students on issues surrounding Carleton based on Inclusivity, Diversity, and Equity disparities

 CDO Research Committee, Student Advisor                                  June 2021-Present

  • Committed to the search and hiring of a Chief Diversity Officer for Carleton College.
  • Interviewing students, faculty, and staff on IDE issues 
  • Complying information on systemic racism within Carleton to transform presentations

3) Your Involvement = Progress 

As your next College Council Representative, I want as much student involvement as possible. As a student, I have worked towards doing my part to make a difference at Carleton. A difference that I may not be present to see comes to fruition until after I graduate. I want every Carl to have that same impact. Be vocal about the issues surrounding the College that inspire you to bring change. I see this position as a common effort. Your involvement = Progress.

If you have any questions feel free to email me or send me a message on Instagram: @ArtsLens132 

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to representing you in the near future. 

Take Care, 

Arthur O

Eliot Klus ’26

Hi folks! My name is Eliot Klus (he/him/his), and I am one of your two candidates for College Council Liaison this term. My hometown is Ann Arbor, Michigan, and I am a first-year Questbridge Scholar at Carleton. I have served as CSA secretary since the fall, so you may know me (at least in email form) if you have ever submitted a funding request to Budget Committee or a message to the Campus Announcements system. I am running for College Council Liaison because I believe that Carleton and College Council are in need of fresh, engaged perspectives, and as a low-income biracial first-year student, I know I will bring that. 

Who I am:

  • Why Carleton: I chose Carleton because of the comprehensive yet rigorous education and the close-knit community that I heard so many students and graduates speak about. These are things that I have found at Carleton, but I have also seen ways in which Carleton fails to deliver on these promises. I want to work to make Carleton a place that each of us can be comfortable at and proud of.
  • Why College Council: College Council is the most central, representative governing body on campus and determines the college’s policy recommendations and course of action on many fronts. As College Council Liaison, I will use my experience working closely with the CSA executives and as a first-year student from a low-income background to advocate for students and make the committee aware of the ways in which Carleton can better serve all of its students.

What have I done:

  • CSA Secretary: As secretary, I record minutes for the CSA Senate and Budget Committee, but I also am a fly on the wall — and often, contributor — in executive meetings, so I am deeply familiar with the way that student-led government functions at Carleton and the current issues facing the college. I also manage the various avenues of CSA communication and have connected with individuals in student organizations, faculty, and administration. As College Council Liaison, I will build on these connections and experience and hit the ground running.
  • March For Our Lives: I have worked for both March For Our Lives Michigan and the national organization in paid and volunteer roles, primarily working in technical data and distributed organizing roles to spread the mission of gun violence prevention and awareness. My experience with MFOL took me behind the scenes to see how professional organizers do the work of organizing people and reaching those in power to demand change.
  • Carleton activities: I am highly involved in organizations across Carleton. I am a member of the Carleton Model United Nations team, contributing writer for the Carletonian, and a Humanities Center Fellow. I am also a member of the Men of Color and the Black Student Association.
  • Service Industry: Organizing work doesn’t pay the bills, so I have been employed along with school since my sophomore year of high school. I have worked in a sub shop, at a camera store, and as a server at California Pizza Kitchen. These positions not only helped me fund peripheral costs of school and activities but provided valuable people skills and perspective — sometimes a little too much, if I am honest. I know not only how to message to policy officials about the existential threat of gun violence to the nation’s youth, but also how to deal with a customer who has had too much to drink or is mistreating me or one of my coworkers.

What will I do:

As College Council Liaison, I am excited to invest my time in the Carleton community and to carefully listen to the ever-changing and evolving needs of our campus. Carleton is a place that many of us have grown to call home, but like any home, there are things that we would like to see changed. In this position working between the student Senate and the campus-wide College Council, I am committed to standing up for my values and making your voices heard. I am committed to not only using my vote on the committee, but also using my voice to remind faculty and administration of who they serve and the things that matter to us, like cultural competency, transparency, and inclusivity. If you have questions about my campaign, suggestions for College Council, or any particularly funny jokes, please reach out to me at



Class of ’24 Representative

Roderick Liu ’24

Hi everyone, my name is Roderick, and I’ll be running to be your class rep for 2024! Some info about me: I’m a political science major (sorry), but I wanted to run for class rep to be more actively involved in the Carleton community and give back to the talented and friendly people in our class.
My qualifications are I’ve previously worked in OIL and ISL to promote diversity and inclusion, as well as fun events on campus such as boba or movies. Other things I’ve worked on are collaborations with different offices to help with student mental health and active engagement in the community. My hope is that as your class rep, I’ll be able to take your suggestions and work closely with CSA to make your requests come to fruition. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me with questions and concerns! Roll knights

Class of ’25 Representative

Kaori Hirano ’25

Hi all! I’m Kaori. I’m currently your class representative, and I’ve decided to run again. CSA has been a great opportunity to get to know more people in the community and provide meaningful student input to administration.

Over the past year, I’ve worked on a number of different projects, including reforming the CCF process, participating in listening sessions on reforming distribution requirements and increasing interdisciplinary options, providing input into the student housing and IDE plans, as well as student-led projects such as looking at increasing housing options for students with dietary restrictions and disabilities. One ongoing project I have is creating a campus umbrella-sharing program, which I’m excited to work with SAO on over the coming terms!

As for next year, I don’t have any big, lofty goals. I’ve found that, while I love CSA, much of what I can do as a class representative is limited. I can advocate for many things, but I can’t guarantee that the college will take action on everything I bring up in meetings. The things I can do myself may seem less significant, but they still positively change our campus community. I can’t list everything, but here are a few small things I hope to work on during the next three terms:

  1. Clarity of Funding: Figuring out how to get money is hard. From my time on CSA and talking with profs, I’ve heard about several funding opportunities, but I’ve never seen them all put in the same place. Working with budget committee to clarify and publicize the funds we have set aside for student use will help more students (not just club leaders) feel comfortable and confident accessing money for activities. There also currently isn’t a fund set aside for planning events as a class representative, so I’d like to work with the new treasurer to figure out how to fund class events.
  2. Student Input: In all honesty, the college has made considerable improvements in student input over the past year. As a CSA representative, I’ve been a member of several working groups, IDE discussions, and strategic planning sessions. I plan to continue to represent student perspectives at these sessions while also advocating for more student representation in the decision-making processes of the college. I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten many emails asking for feedback on various things, but I plan to encourage administration to offer more opportunities to the general population to participate in various ways, such as in lower-time commitment roles than a traditional committee position.
  3. Student Involvement in CSA: There’s more than just senate meetings to CSA! Having students be more aware of what we do and what we can do is one of my goals for the next year. CSA funds many major campus offices, such as SAO, but the general population (myself included) never hears about that. Here are a few examples of things I can do as part of CSA on your behalf: Help begin the process of applying for an interest house, direct your group toward funding for a conference, meet with administration to discuss a student complaint, and provide guidance in starting a club. I will achieve this goal by sending (hopefully somewhat entertaining but certainly informative) emails throughout the term that provide basic information about CSA and the opportunities students can take advantage of.

I’ll do more than what I’ve listed above in this role, but these are a few things I have been reflecting on during meetings this term and hope to begin working on next year.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Troy Osborn ’25

Hey all! I’m Troy. I’m a sophomore from Sacramento, California and I would love to have your vote for Class of 2025 Representative.

Who I am:

As one of the current Class of 2025 Representatives, I have some experience being on CSA already. I’ve used my time on Senate, along with my experience on the Academic Standing Committee, to do a lot of observing, and I’ve learned a lot about the inner workings of the school and how to get things done.

What I’ll do:

While there are lots of things I’d like to see changed around campus, my biggest goal is to listen to you, the sophomores, and enact the changes you want to see. I’m not here to push any agenda other than, well, y’alls. I’m super open to conversations about any topic, and even if I can’t help you get something changed, I’ll be sure to contact someone who can about it.

TLDR: I’m Troy; experienced, friendly, open to ideas, and most importantly, willing to serve YOU, the class of 2025.

Anoushka Mallik ’25

Hi Everyone!!

My name is Anoushka (she/her) and I’m a sophomore at Carleton from Brookline, Massachusetts running to be one of your Class of 2025 representatives! I am currently the Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response (SMPR) Liaison to the CSA and have greatly enjoyed the opportunity to connect with the campus community. I would be excited to continue serving you as your class representative. I absolutely love meeting new people and building connections, and as your representative, I can guarantee that listening to you and your concerns at Carleton would be my number one priority. 

Campus Engagement: 

  • SMPR Peer Educator & CSA Liaison
    • Led and created numerous trainings regarding healthy relationships, consent, and boundary-setting
    • Served as the CSA liaison working with the senate, administrative bodies both within and outside of my department, and students at large to share messaging on sexual health at Carleton
  • Budget Committee Member
    • Gained an understanding of the financial side of CSA which I would seek to share with students as class representative through managing CSA’s budget and different funds intended for student organizations
  • MOSAIC (of South Asian Interests at Carleton) Board Member
    • Helped plan campus-wide events including Diwali and the upcoming Holi-Purim celebration and cultivated a safe space and community for South Asian students through weekly Chai Times and other social events
    • Gained a unique insight into how cultural organizations are organized as well as individual experiences of students of color on campus


  • Collaborating with the community
    • Students at large
      • My number one priority as class representative would be to ensure consistent communication with students. In addition to hosting office hours where anyone can come and ask questions or provide suggestions to bring forward to the CSA or other relevant groups, I would send short, biweekly update emails to keep students informed on what is occurring within CSA and opportunities for involvement. I know that it can be difficult to keep up with the many long emails that are constantly being sent, so these would be concise updates with the opportunity for students to follow up with questions or comments. 
    • Cultural organizations
      • Having been involved with MOSAIC, I know that there are difficulties that arise from working with CSA. Knowing when to provide space and when to step in is hard to know without communicating. For that reason, I would support cultural organizations to understand their needs and create a more inclusive environment on campus. 
  • Comprehensive consent & boundaries training
    • As an SMPR peer educator, I know firsthand the importance of consent and boundaries training and education for students. As the CSA liaison, I worked with executive members to streamline the Green Dot Bystander Intervention training requirement for student organizations. As class representative, expanding consent education to all students through an improved CarlTalk would be a top priority for me, as would working with Dean Livingston and other administrators to create a class on consent and boundaries for all students. 
  • Financial support for students and organizations
    • There are a number of ways that CSA is able to support student organizations, such as through spring allocations and the cultural organization fund. However, the language explaining the requirements to receive this funding can be confusing and I would hope to clarify the website so that organizations are able to easily apply for it. 
    • I would also work to clarify the unclear wording and processes around emergency funding for students so that they are able to easily receive financial support when necessary. 

Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ll vote for me as your Class of 2025 representative! Follow me on instagram @anoushka4csa and message me with any questions at all, or just to say hi!!

Class of ’26 Representative

Fatima Koroma ’26

Hey people! My name is Fatima Koroma (she/her) and I am formally requesting that you elect me so that I may continue to be your class of 2026 representative. 

But first, some info about me. 

I was born in Sierra Leone, West Africa, and moved to the United States about eight years ago. I identify as a Black African Muslim woman. Some hobbies of mine include watching too much television with friends, listening to music, and advocating for you!  😉

Before Carleton, I served on my high school’s student council during my senior year. I was the captain of my school’s debate and speech teams for a year and have competed alongside my teammates on local, state, and national levels, including the National Speech and Debate Tournament in Kentucky last summer. 

I am currently undecided on majors/minors but am certain that I will be attending Law School post-Carleton to further pursue my goal of a career in International Humanitarian Law. Inshallah! 🙂

Aside from being a current class rep, I also serve as a voting member on the Student Budget Committee. But outside of CSA, I am a board member of Carleton’s Muslim Student’s Association (MSA) and also part of organizations like Women Of Color plus (WOC+), Black Student Alliance (BSA), and African Caribbean Association (ACA).

If elected, I will continue to use my enthusiastic, reliable, and persistent attitude to be your chief advocate in CSA. Here’s a quick summary of my plan of action.

Improve Mental Health Services

I know firsthand the difficulties of balancing academics and mental health. And though it may feel intimidating, it’s always a good step to reach out for help when you need it. Although the staff of our mental health and counseling services at SHAC are dedicated and hardworking, the system, like everything else, can be improved. With plans for the new, bigger SHAC office in the works, we have a unique opportunity to make many changes that benefit all students, including these goals:

  • Add newer and more accessible resources for students. 
  • Extend counseling services beyond regular office hours, and class schedules, and offer care during breaks.
  • Facilitate convenient on-campus Telehealth options that allow more privacy for students discussing sensitive topics. 
  • Our BIPOC services are a wonderful way to engage marginalized students in restorative practices to support their mental health but there should also be more emphasis on personal sessions in addition to group gatherings. 

Improve outreach to first-years

A lot of first-year students don’t know the extent of their involvement in student government. As your class representative, I will increase the student government’s focus on integrating first-year students into the inner workings of the college. The CSA can take a few steps to better involve you, including these:

  • Finding easier and more efficient ways to better communicate CSA happenings and important decisions so that all students can follow the actions of their student government. 
  • Establishing a mentorship program for students and members of the Senate. This will help in networking with current members and building beneficial relationships whilst learning more about the inner workings of the CSA government. 
  • First-year civic engagement can mean taking a leadership role in CSA but also utilizing the power of your vote to determine who represents you in our student government! 

Develop community among first-years

If you attended the first-year Hot Cocoa and Game Night hosted by Vivian Agugo and me (aka your current class reps) you know that we are committed to building a better sense of community. 

  • I will strive to continue to plan events that will provide a space where we can all relax and unwind from the stress of campus life. 
  • Office hours to chat about CSA, Carleton, or life in general! I am a great asset to helping plug you with resources on campus. 

Improve Carleton life with changes YOU want to see  

My plans for our class and Carleton are not exhaustive. I am here for you! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about my platform, what you would like me to address, or bring forward to CSA, I am ready and willing to hear your thoughts. Send me an email at ( or reach out to me on Instagram (@fatima_for_26) and we will talk! 

FYI, voting begins this Friday, February 17 at 5 pm and will close on Sunday the 19th at 11:59 pm. This is your chance to elect who you want to see represent you and your interests!  

With your approval and much effort on my end, we can enact positive changes and continue to make life at Carleton more inclusive and valuable to us all. Thank you for taking the time to read this and am once again asking for your support in my endeavor to be your class of 2026 representative.

Have a great week 7 and go Carls!

Vivian Agugo ’26

Hello, my name is Vivian Agugo ‘26 (she/her), and I’m a freshman from Houston, Texas. I am running to be your Class of 2026 Representative. On campus, I am involved in various organizations. The organizations include ACA, BSA, OIL, TRIO, and CPA. In high school, I served as class and student body president on the student council, National Art Honor Society president, and many more. 

It has been an honor serving you these past two terms, and I hope to continue. I also serve as a student representative on the Carleton 2033 strategic planning committee. As a person who has worked with various levels at Carleton (CSA, staff, and board of trustees), I act as a mediator between our class and higher-level leadership. These connections allow me to bring forth your concerns and suggestions to these leadership sectors. 

C is for community! Carleton is one large community filled with many communities. As class representative, my main goal is to connect our class to the various communities on campus and, most importantly, represent you! That is why I created the platform “C is for..”, allowing you to fill in what C means to you. 

C is for:

Campus Resources: Carleton offers several events and resources ranging from academic help desks to workshops. However, there needs to be more connected with the usage of said resources. As a representative, I want to help promote and advertise these helpful programs, in turn helping increase first-year engagement and help students receive the help they need. I plan to seek ways to promote these resources by improving social media advertisements. I plan to improve services and connect students with various campus resources. This includes pushing for more accessibility to mental health resources like therapy and mental health programming. Enhancing these resources ensures that students receive the necessary aid they seek for.

Class Culture: As the new kids on the block, our early years are essential. Forming a class community within ourselves is one of many goals I have as a representative. I hope to unify our class and see everyone waving and sharing moments on the bald spot. I will continue hosting events for our class to achieve this goal. These events will allow students to take a break from the hustle and bustle of Carleton and socialize. Our peers are also doing big things on campus. I plan to promote the class of 2026 endeavors, such as sharing publications, achievements, and organizations. 

Communication: Like many, it can be overwhelming to be flooded with a wave of information all at once. On the same note, missing out on said information can feel underwhelming. Finding ways to improve mass communication is essential to improving engagement and connection amongst both our class and campus. With the help of CSA and staff, I plan to seek new ways to send information to students. In addition to improving mass communication, I want to create clear communication between myself and the class. A key detail of being a class rep includes representing your thoughts, concerns, and suggestions on the senate. To ensure this is being done, I want to create communication channels for you all to reach out to. This includes google forms, email, and hosting office hours. 

Overall Goals:

  • Create a new/improved way to communicate with students about campus events, such as a uniformed weekly newsletter. 
  • Connect our class to CSA and other higher leadership forums by hosting class rep office hours weekly and anonymous forums. 
  • Promote more resources and events that serve educational, emotional, and social needs. 
  • Improve campus resources by obtaining student responses and working with offices and staff to tailor events based on responses. 
  • Promote class of 26 endeavors through class rep social media page. 
  • Create our class culture by hosting more class events once/twice a term.

Abdul Rahim Hamid ’26

Who am I:

Hi friends!! I am Rahim Hamid from Lahore, Pakistan. I grew up in Japan before shifting back to my home country and then finally making my way here to Northfield, Minnesota! I’m someone who enjoys meeting and talking to all the wonderful and weird residents of this campus, and I am excited to run for Class Representative precisely to hear and amplify the diversity of voices and identities present within our class.

What do I do:

I am currently a member of MOSAIC, and can be found having too much chai there on Sundays. In my off-time, I may also be found either at Social Dance Club or at Ballroom Dance practices or writing my next articles for the Carletonian (for my role as a staff writer) and the Clap (for my role as court jester). I am also planning on double-majoring in Studio Arts and Computer Science during my time here at Carleton, make of that what you will. 

Aside from the more adult responsibilities I have, I like to curl up with my ever-growing pile of unread books and I sometimes walk around campus at random looking for cute animals to fawn over. 

In high-school, I was involved in:

Student Council – I served as Prefect of the Student Body, where I was tasked with helping students out with any issues they may be facing, whether they be academic, social, or health-related. I acted as the liaison between students and administration members during the many meetings I sat in on. I also initiated a community outreach program to underprivileged students in adjacent schools to help teach them public speaking and presentation skills, taking a class of approximately 30 pupils myself, with the program itself extending to over 150 people. 

Parliamentary Debates – Having debated competitively for 5 years, I was made a member of the Pakistan National Debate Team in 2020, and competed at several international debate tournaments. As a member of my school team, we won 5 different events with many more runner’s up and speaker-specific accolades. I also served as both General-Secretary and President of the Parliamentary Debating Society, hosting one of the largest tournaments in Pakistan during my senior year. 

What do I want to do:

  • Public Art Display Initiative – The walls of this campus are pretty bare (Academic and Residentials buildings all), and I hope to change that by having students contribute their art and creativity to liven up the spaces we all live and study in
  • Connectivity Within the Class of 2026 – I would hold biweekly office hours and weekly events to better understand the specific issues facing our year of students as well as foster a greater sense of community within it
  • Connectivity Within the International Student Community – I aim to grow relationships between international students of every year, creating a sense of community and mentorship that currently feels lacking at Carleton
  • Reconsideration of PE Credits for All Club Sports – I would want to push for club sports to be given PE Credits as the current system is exclusionary and unfair to those who participate

Further, my main focuses during CSA Meetings would be to:

  • Bring concerns shared with me by members of this class to CSA Senate and meetings with higher-level administration members
  • Prioritize student health, especially mental health, as it intersects with academic and social life at Carleton
  • Push for clearer information and communication from the administration on issues relevant to students such as College investments, financial aid and academic requirements
  • Advocate for student-led initiatives and the formation of organizations that further serve to represent the diverse identities and students at this institution

Real Reviews of My Character:

Yeah, sure – my best friend, when asked about my qualifications

You have too much free time, so you’ll obviously work hard – my archenemy

One of the people of all time – a person I asked