CSA Senate, your college student government, has elections each winter and spring, and we highly encourage everyone to run! Senate is the student voice on campus to administration, faculty and staff. More than $700,000 is allocated through Senate, which comes from the student activity fee and revenue from the College’s vending and laundry machines. Senate is also responsible for managing most of the student clubs on campus. If you’re currently enrolled as a Carleton student and have spent at least one term in residence here, then you are eligible for election!

CSA Senate is a strong voice in shaping college policy, and if you have a commitment to helping strengthen the Carleton community, then Senate is the place for you.

Senate seats are for three academic terms, starting the term after the election.

Senate meetings are at 7 PM every Monday night, but we also ask that Senators be willing to commit themselves to at least one other internal CSA committee during the week.

If you’d like to be elected, first, collect some of your ideas about what you’d like to see accomplished at Carleton. Use your imagination! Elections will happen around mid-term each winter and spring.

When the next elections come around be prepared to turn those ideas you collected into a platform. A platform is simply a summary statement (usually around a page) communicating your ideas.

In addition to a platform, you also need to submit a petition (linked on the right). Once you turn both of these in to the CSA President, you’re officially a candidate!

  1. Petitions for the position of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Public Relations Officer, and College Council Liaison must be signed by at least twenty-five students, including at least five from each class.
  2. Petitions for Class Representative must be signed by at least fifteen students from the respective class for which the candidate is running.
  3. Petitions for the Office & Committee Liaisons must be signed by at least 15 students as well as the Office Director/Committee Chair to acknowledge that the candidate discussed their intent to run with them.

At this point, it will be time to start a campaign — you may advertise in whatever manner you wish, as long as you abide by the College and CSA’s advertising and posting policies (no more than 30 posters, and no more than 4 per building). We also advise against sending out mass e-mails, as this has a tendency to backfire.

If you have questions, feel free to contact the CSA President. If you wish to become involved right now check the front page to see if there are any vacancies on Senate or on committees.