There are two ways to use your funds. You can either:

  • stop by the Student Activities Office (SAO) and ask a pro-staff member to use the SAO credit card, OR
  • spend your personal funds, keep the receipt, and then apply to be reimbursed (see below).

Both options eventually charge your student organization’s account, or in the case of an Alt Bev or Common Meal reimbursement request, will charge a designated CSA department. Please note that you must have received funds (i.e. approval) from CSA Senate or the CSA Treasurer prior to spending your own personal funds, otherwise the reimbursement may not be processed.



  1. Fill out an Expense Report in Workday with the receipt.
  2. Wait for the CSA Treasurer, SAO pro-staff members, and Business Office accountants to review it. Both CSA and IRS guidelines must be followed, the latter being much more stringent, so it usually takes a few weeks for the reimbursement to process. Upon full processing, funds will be deposited to the bank account that you have linked on the Hub.

Submitting Expense Reports in Workday

After having been approved for the expense, purchased it, and kept the receipt, you can apply for reimbursement from the college.

  1. Login to your Carleton Workday account.
  2. Click on the Expenses tab in the Menu.
  3. Click “Create Expense Report.”
    • In the “Memo” box, write a brief explanation of the reimbursement (i.e., new game for Board Game Club).
    • In the “Agency (CSA)” box, type your organization name and press enter to select it. You can also click the three lines on the right side of the box, click “Agency (CSA)” again, and select from the alphabetical list of organizations.
    • Click OK.
  4. Click “Add.”
  5. Take a picture of your receipt and upload it as a file.
    • Please upload as a PDF.
    • Fill out the required information (Date, Item, and Total Amount). The expense item is the type of purchase it was (i.e. Supplies and Materials)
    • Create a new expense line for every receipt that you have.
    • Aim not to buy personal items on the receipt, but if you do, subtract this amount from the total amount and put it in as the “Total Amount”, and write in the Memo explaining the difference.
  6. Check that all the information is correct, and Submit!