As a complement to the short version of how to apply, interested groups and individuals might want to know the long version as well:

  1. The student fills out the Café Fast Request Form at the bottom of the Café Fast Request Form page.
  2. CSA Senate contacts the student about presenting their request before Senate (usually just a brief description of the individual or group behind the request and the charity receiving the money).
  3. The CSA Vice President notifies Bon Appetit ( and Campus Services ( on the Tuesday afterward if Senate approves the request.
  4. Campus Services notifies the CSA Vice President by the Friday of that week about the web form for students to sign up.
  5. The CSA Vice President might contact Web Services about linking the Web form to a specific CSA Web page.
  6. Student group usually tables Monday through Friday of the following week to inform students about the opportunity.
  7. Signup ends at least 72 hours before the event. Campus Services removes the web form and provides Bon Appetit with an estimate of participation.
  8. Campus Services processes donation transactions the morning of the Café Fast event.
  9. Campus Services sends documentation to Bon Appetit.
  10. The charity receives the donations.

Any questions? Contact the CSA Vice President.