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The Budget Committee process

Requests should be submitted nine days prior to the Wednesday before the proposed event, or about two weeks in advance. On Wednesday nights, Budget Committee will hear all requests submitted before Tuesday of that week.

Let’s say you are planning an event for 5th weekend. Nine days prior to the Wednesday before the proposed event would be Monday of 4th week. Planning an event for Wednesday of 7th week? The Thursday before the event is Thursday of 6th week, so counting backwards nine days means that the request must be submitted by the Tuesday of 5th week. If you don’t get the request in on time, Budget Committee may still consider the request on the Chair’s discretion. However, you risk spending money on your event that you don’t have, because Budget Committee recommendations are not final until the approval of CSA Senate on Monday nights.

Before you submit your request:

Make sure to read the Budget Committee Bylaws and Guidelines. The Committee allocates funds according to these rules with very few exceptions. Organizations requesting food, advertisement, or transportation money should read the Guidelines especially carefully.
Feel free to contact the CSA Vice President with questions or concerns.

After you submit your request:

  1. You will receive an email by the next Tuesday at 7pm with the specific time (from 7pm-8pm) that you will present your request to Budget Committee on Wednesday night. You may also receive an email from a member of Budget Committee with advice and support. Take advantage of that opportunity to ask questions and resolve doubts.
  2. On Wednesday, you will arrive at Budget Committee at your specified time. If other requests are in process, find a seat and hang out for a bit.
  3. When it is your turn, the Treasurer, who chairs the Committee, will introduce your request. Give the Committee a quick summary of your request. Committee members will have your request form before them, so you don’t need to give all the details. Inform the Committee if anything has changed since you submitted the request.
  4. The Committee members will ask you specific questions about your event, discuss their options, and make bids. You are always free to respond to questions. If you would like to talk, but haven’t been asked a question, raise your hand or otherwise call attention to yourself. The Treasurer will recognize you shortly.
  5. The Committee will vote on the bids, which can range from a “full bid” (all of the money you requested) to a $0 bid (none of the money you requested). If a “motion to move to the next item on the agenda” is passed before any bids have been made, the recommendation is a full bid.

Email the CSA President with questions.