Green Fund

“The Green Fund is meant to promote larger community awareness in issues surrounding environmental sustainability at both an institutional and individual level. The fund can be accessed in various ways:

  1. At the treasurer’s discretion, student groups receiving funding from Budget Committee may request an additional 20% of the budget allocated for food in order to make their event more “green.” This includes (but is not limited to) activities such as purchasing compostable cutlery or purchasing locally-grown organic produce in place of conventionally grown produce.
  2. At the discretion of Budget Committee, the fund may be used in to ensure that a certain percentage of the Special Allocations fund is allocated to promote the community value of sustainability through programs initiated by student groups.
  3. At the closing of each school year, subject to the financial health of the CSA (as determined by the Treasurer), any funds remaining in the Green Fund shall be reinvested into programs that in some way offset the environmental impact of the CSA as a whole.”

– CSA Fund Page July 2010

Added to the CSA Fund page July 2010 and removed from the CSA Fund page July 2013.

Social Life Opportunity Fund

“The SLOF fund offers funding to unfunded or unchartered groups or individuals that wish to sponsor all-campus social events. SLOF monies are allocated through the same process as Special Allocations. To access this fund, use the Budget Committee Request Form online.”

– CSA Fund Page July 2009

Added to the CSA Fund page at its creation in December 2004 and removed from the CSA Fund page July 2013.