During the Spring Allocations process, CSA divides the Student Activity Fee and vending machine revenue into nine funds (in addition to allocated the majority of funds directly to student organizations).

Individuals and groups do not request money directly from these funds instead requesting money with a fund designation form. Yet, these funds set up the programs that benefit individuals and groups. And these funds also help Budget Committee to allocate money efficiently and fairly to individuals and students by allowing Budget Committee to track different types of funding.

Special Allocations Fund

The Special Allocations fund is used to allocate money towards organizations for events, conferences, equipment and more throughout the academic year. To receive money from this fund, the Budget Committee must hear an organization’s request and approve it; if the request is over two times the CSA activity fee, the Budget Committee will recommend an amount to Senate, which must be approved by Senate. Then, the Treasurer will transfers the funds into the organization’s account.

Cultural Organization Fund

The Cultural Org Fund provides funding to student organizations that promote and celebrate culture as well as those that provide community or create opportunities for students of color, international students, and their allies. With this fund, some CSA Financial Guidelines are bypassed. However, all applicants must apply for funding and seek the approval of the CSA Budget Committee.

Treasurer’s Discretionary Fund

The Treasurer’s Discretionary Fund allows for the Treasurer to fund everyday events and ordinary CSA operations without the process for weekly budgeting.

Alternative Beverage Fund (aka Alt-Bev)

The Alternative Beverage Fund funds organizations food for one-time once-a-month events open to all of campus.

Capital Reserves Fund/Rollover

The Capital Reserves Fund (Cap Reserves) or rollover provide funding for one-time expenditures either  emergency spending essential to a CSA Chartered Organization or for large-scale projects and capital purchases.

CSA Activity Fee Scholarship

The CSA Activity Fee Support Fund supports students with demonstrated financial need to help offset the cost of the CSA Activity Fee. The Office of Student Financial Services (OSFS) administers the fund by guidelines jointly established by the CSA Senate and OSFS.