The Snack & Beverage Fund:

The Snack & Beverage Fund (formerly the Alternative Beverage Fund) funds snacks and beverages typically at a cost of $30 for organizations’ events that are open to the entire campus and not recurring more than once a month.

Accessing the Fund:

  1. Fill out this form.
  2. Add your event to the campus calendar.
  3. If you expect more than 24 attendees, fill out the Student Activities Office Event Registration Form.
  4. Wait for approval from the Treasurer (they will try to e-mail you in one to two days).
  5. If approved by the Treasurer, you may purchase up to that amount of money. (You will receive the money through the reimbursement process).

Reimbursement Process:

  1. Buy the items, remembering to keep your receipt!
  2. Fill out a reimbursement form from their holder in the Student Activities Office, Sayles-Hill 160. Make sure to staple the receipt to it with Snack & Beverage written on the receipt; make sure to use the Snack & Beverage budget number (61-0000-9211-5752) for fund, source, department and expense, respectively.
  3. The person named on the reimbursement form will receive a deposit in their bank account.


  1. Facebook events and intra-organization listservs, while still good in themselves, do not fulfill the publicity requirement for Snack & Beverage. Events must be advertised in a way that will reach all of campus. Events do not have to be advertised before receiving treasurer approval. They just must be advertised in some way, at least three days before the event.
  2. Receipts must be turned in to the Treasurer within 30 days of the event for reimbursement. Receipts turned in after the 30 days will not be accepted.
  3. Filling out this form does NOT mean that you have approval. You must wait for a response from the CSA Treasurer.
  4. As part of the requirement for events to be open to all of campus, events must be posted on the campus calendar. You can submit the calendar submission form.

This page also has Snack & Beverage Fund examples, sample applications, bylaws and guidelines.

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