Mission Statement

The CSA Textbook Library takes inspiration from the work of TRIO/SSS, the Gould Library textbook reserves program, the FOCUS program, and associated Carleton faculty and staff. There is a demonstrated need for current textbooks, and with this library, CSA will establish a catalog of textbooks available for students to use. Our library will serve students with the greatest financial need (such as DACA, undocumented, and TRIO/SSS qualifying students) as well as the larger student body.

Hours For Checking Out Books

***If you aren’t able to check out books during the listed times, email csabooklibe.group@carleton.edu.

Tuesday (01/07): 12 PM – 5 PM. We ask that only students with significant financial hardship visit the library on Tuesday. This includes but is not limited to: students who are eligible for but are not members of TRIO, students with DACA status, and Questbridge students.

Wednesday (01/08): 12 PM – 5 PM (Open to all students)

Thursday (01/09): 12 PM – 5 PM (Open to all students)


This term, we have been able to catalogue over 3,000 books! Access the spreadsheet.

If you do not see your books on the spreadsheet, you are still welcome to come peruse the library! There’s a chance that we might have the book you need!


The textbook library is currently located in the old CSA Senate office next to the KRLX studios in the basement of Sayles. Access is available during our open hours only.


The CSA Textbook Library is be open to all students for whom buying textbooks is a significant financial hardship. This includes but is not limited to: students who are eligible for but not members of TRIO, students who are undocumented or who have DACA status, and Questbridge students.

  • If you are in this group and cannot come into the textbook library that day, email csabooklibe.group@carleton.edu and we can set aside books for you.
  • The check-out student staff at the library will not disclose the identity of patrons who visit on the first day to any third parties without the express consent of the patron.
  • If you need textbooks later in the term, email csabooklibe.group@carleton.edu.
  • This (Fall spreadsheet coming soon) has an updated list of books that we have available. Books will be given out each day on a first come, first served basis.
  • Students will check out books for their own use and with full intent to return all books regardless of condition. Students must present their OneCard at book checkout.
  • Students may check out books for an entire term. All books must be returned at the end of each term, the day after the last final exams are scheduled. Students must be present at the time of textbook return. If a student needs to keep a book longer than a term or over a break, the student must contact the library to make arrangements before the Friday of tenth week.
  • In the event of unforeseen circumstances (class extensions, medical leave, etc.) arrangements can be made to extend checkout period or return textbooks early.
  • Students are responsible for taking care of the books/items they check out from the textbook library.
  • If a book is not returned or severely damaged to the point that it is unusable, the student will lose access to the textbook library for the remaining terms.


The CSA Textbook library collects books at the end of each term. Look for donation boxes in public spaces during finals week!

If you are a student or faculty member and have textbooks you would like to donate during the term, please contact csabooklibe.group@carleton.edu.

Other Resources

Reserves at the Library: Every required textbook should be available on closed reserves at the library. Books can be checked out for two hours at a time. Closed reserves are behind the circulation desk–ask the student works to check your textbooks out!

  • Textbook Exchange group on Facebook: Students buy, sell, and rent books on the Facebook page. You can post books you’re selling or books you want to buy.
  • Departments: Departments occasionally have a few copies of books available. Ask your professor or the department’s administrative assistant for more information.