Making a Budget Committee Request

Funding request forms are categorized according to whether you are requesting funding for an event or a non-event (i.e. a conference, new equipment, etc). Request forms are due by Tuesday at 5 PM to be considered for the same Wedneday’s 7 p.m. meeting. Some things to keep in mind when filling out a request form are:

  1. Be as specific as you can
  2. Include ALL prices and quantities of items you need to obtain
  3. Include plans for advertisement (all Budget Committee funded events must be open to the entire    campus and advertised)

Important rules include:

  1. We typically fund for advertising at $5
  2. We only fund food if it is central and essential to an event
  3. We do not fund personal property
  4. We do not fund retroactively (so request money before your event, preferable at least one week prior)

Tips for going to Budget Committee

Before you make a BC request, it is important to consider the following questions. If you need help, the Student Activities Office is always staffed with a worker who can help you.

  • Have you looked for alternate sources of funding?
  • What would this event contribute to Carleton as a whole?
  • Is this event open to the entire Carleton campus?
  • Are there other student organizations with whom you could collaborate?
  • If applicable, has the idea/event been approved by the appropriate administrators?
  • Have you reserved the space for the event and/or transportation to the event?
  • Are you certain this is the lowest possible price for your event/idea?