Posters can be hung almost anywhere on campus. A poster should include the date and time of your event and a short description. Funny pictures and puns are encouraged, so brush up on photoshop skills and your sense of humor to grab people’s attention!

To hang posters in Sayles-Hill, they must be stamped by the Student Activities Office (maximum of four). Due to space limitations, we ask that any materials for posting be no larger than 11”x17”. For special circumstances, make arrangements with the Student Activities Office.

Doors, walls, windows, posts, benches, outside walls and pillars of buildings are not posting areas. Check out the posting policy.

Posters can be printed (in black & white or color!) by Printing and Mailing Services. Submit a printing job online.

All Campus Email

The All Campus Email is a bi-weekly email that goes out to every Carleton student on campus late Sunday and Wednesday nights. It includes information about events on campus, Budget Committee recommendations, and much more. Submissions are due at 9:00pm on Sundays and Wednesdays.

To promote your event in the All Campus Email, go to the Campus Announcements page, sign-in and “post” to submit an item. Alternatively, email your announcement, with the heading in the subject line, to


Hang a banner up to four feet long so people can read about your event while sitting in lower Sayles. Come sign up for banner space in the Student Activities Office — you may hang your banner for three consecutive days. Banner paper and paint are provided in the Student Activities Office, so get creative. Be sure to include your event name, place, and time!


Set up a table in Sayles and talk about your event! Table reservations may be made through the Student Activities Office – you can reserve a table for three consecutive days. Bring candy and goodies to lure people to your table!

The Carletonian

Buy advertising space in The Carletonian. Email for rates.

LDC Chalkboard

Bring back childhood memories with chalking – on the LDC board!

Facebook Event

Have a Facebook? Don’t most people? Set up a Facebook event and invite everyone you know (probably not your middle school crush though). Post pictures, have people comment, and watch everyone RSVP!

Carleton Weekly

Have an event you’d like to advertise to FACULTY and STAFF? Submit to the Carleton Weekly. This newsletter is sent out to faculty and staff every Monday and submissions are due at the end of the day on Wednesday.

Submit to the Weekly.

Events Calendar

To add an event to the CSA and Carleton calendars, please submit your announcement online.