It is important for each organization to update their contact information for officers/leaders regularly. We use this contact information to send emails regarding funding, Spring Allocations, and occasional all organization meetings. You also need to access the Group Administration page in order to give peers access to your COLLAB folder (if you use one) and to add peers who will be updating your website.

How to do this:

  1. Go to the CSA homepage.
  2. Click the “Student Organizations” link
  3. Click “Group Administration Page”
  4. When you login, your organizations will show up
  5. Click “Group Profile” for the organization you would like to view
  6. Under “20??-20?? Officers”, enter the Carleton User ID of each new officer

All organizations must have at least one officer, but no more than three. Organizations with funding must have a treasurer. An individual may hold more than one position, and more than one person may hold a position (as long as there are only three officers). You can also add additional contacts under “Network Folder Access List” (for your COLLAB folder) and “Reason site maintainers” (for your website).