1. Check this list to see if there is an existing organization with similar purposes. The CSA Bylaws stipulate the following: “Groups seeking Chartered Organization status that fall under the jurisdiction of a current Chartered Organization must join that Organization for a trial period of one term. If the group’s specific needs are not addressed in the Organization, it shall be considered for Chartering. Groups associated with nationality or cultures are exempt from this requirement.” This is the most common reason that charters are denied.
  2. Host an event or meeting to show that there is interest in your group on more than just paper and to help familiarize yourself with the room reservation system, requesting money from Budget Committee, and the general logistics of hosting an event.
  3. Email Erin Timmins (timminse), and inform her of your intentions to charter a new student organization. Then, have five supporting members of your group email the chair Erin Timmins (timminse) using the following format: “I [Full Student Name] support the creation of [Organization Name].” Ensure that the subject line of your email is “Petition for [Organization Name]”.
  4. Draft and submit a Charter. Your organization’s charter must include the following information, and conform to the stipulations of CSA Bylaws Article IV (listed below):
    • The purpose of the group.
    • The type of programming that will be done.
    • A description of officer duties.
    • The conditions for disbandment. Every group must have at least 10 members.

Submit a charter here.

What happens next?

Your charter will be reviewed by Governance Committee at its next meeting. Governance Committee may ask you to make revisions to your charter. Once it is approved by Governance Committee, CSA Senate will make the final approval at its next meeting. You will be notified of your status throughout the process. Once your organization is chartered, read this handbook for more information.

If you have general questions or comments about this process feel free to contact Erin Timmins.