In general if it would work for a Passport it will work for a OneCard. The US Passport Photo website has great examples (lighting, resolution, pose, attire, etc.).

ID photos must be:

  • A recent picture of you taken within the last six (6) months
  • In color
  • Taken in front of a plain background (white or off-white recommended)
  • One in which your body is oriented vertically, not horizontally
  • One in which you are alone in the picture with no one else visible
  • One in which you are looking forward with your eyes open and have a neutral facial expression. Smiling is ok, but no exaggerated expressions (i.e. funny faces).
  • One in which we can clearly see your head and shoulders
  • One in which you are not wearing hats or head covering (unless those items are worn daily for religious purposes, and in such cases those items must not obscure any facial features)
  • Free from glare on eyeglasses (dark glasses are not permitted unless you have a medical reason for them)
  • Taken with sufficient lighting that has no shadows
  • Photo aspect ratio should be close to 1×1 (i.e. square)
  • Again, if it would be acceptable for a passport, it would work for a OneCard!

If you OneCard photo is found to not meet these requirements your card will be deactivated and you will need to contact Campus Services to rectify the situation.