Because the OneCard is a campus “key” to buildings and has the capability to store cash value, it is important that you protect your OneCard just as you would a driver’s license or bank card. Here are some tips on protecting your card:

  • Do not lend your card to anyone for any purpose.
  • If you lose your card, report it immediately so it can be deactivated. Do not assume that you have just misplaced it temporarily and will find it later.
  • Check balances and activity on the OneCard Dashboard.

Taking care of your OneCard

For best results, please follow these OneCard care instructions:

  • Keep your OneCard in your wallet or in a free protective card holder, available at OneCard Office (Sayles-Hill 5).
  • Handle your OneCard like cash. Schillers will not be refunded — even if your OneCard is lost or stolen.
  • Never leave your OneCard on your dashboard or in the sun.
  • Never allow the magnetic stripe on your OneCard to be scratched by keys, coins or other sharp objects.
  • Never bend your OneCard.
  • Never punch holes in or apply stickers to your OneCard.