How to Use:

Authorized faculty and staff must present their OneCard and ask the cashier to do a “department charge with my OneCard” before the transaction is begun. If the cashier is unfamiliar with your request, ask for the supervisor’s assistance. 

  • Only business related meals/snacks should be charged to your department.  Please retain your receipt and document the business purpose of the purchase and who participated.  Receipts should be retained by the individual responsible for managing the departmental budget. 
  • The Sayles and Weitz Cafés issue a receipt for every purchase. At the dining halls, however, you must request a receipt at the time of purchase. 
  • Total monthly expenses will appear on department budget reports on The Hub as a lump sum each month, reporting to expense code 5907 Meetings/Entertainment Expense.  Budget Managers may, on an exception basis, request a report from Campus Services if there is a concern about charges made to a budget through this OneCard program.

Guests and Visitors

Departments, who want to pay for meals for guests and/or visitors that will be dining on their own, can request a Temporary Department OneCard.

  • The Temporary Department OneCard may be used at all of Carleton’s dining venues and any purchases will be charged to the requesting department’s budget number.
  • Contact Campus Services by phone or email to request one of these cards.