About the Program

2022-23 OIL Peer Leaders

The Peer Leader Program began in the mid-1970s as a response to the needs of many incoming students of color. In Northfield, multicultural support networks of family, friends, churches, and social/cultural institutions were nonexistent then and, to a large degree, are not present outside the Carleton community now.

OIL at Carleton strives to enhance the student experience by providing programming and support that advocates for a just and inclusive community. OIL is open to all students regardless of race, gender, color, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin and socio-economic status. However, OIL has a unique role of providing direct support to both students of color centered around  programming that affirms, supports and engages students.  

OIL Peer Leaders are sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have done well academically, are active in the Carleton community, and are enthusiastic about meeting and assisting new students, sharing with them their knowledge and experience. OIL Peer Leaders plan programs and activities for the community as a whole. OPL’s offer first-year students a personal perspective on the experience of living, growing, and succeeding in a community that encourages diversity and individual differences and have often served as friends and mentors.

Program Objectives

The program offers a variety of services to address the academic, cultural, and professional development of domestic students of color at Carleton. The program is designed to assist students in their personal development, to help them define academic goals, and to assist them in establishing and maintaining priorities.

The program has two goals:

  1. Short Term: To assist new students of color and international students in making a successful transition to the college
  2. Long Term: To increase the persistence rate of new first-year students of color

What to expect from your OIL Peer Leader (OPL)

  • To assist new students that represent diverse groups on campus and International students in making a successful transition to the college.
  • To construct weekly communication that best suits the mentee:
    • One-on-one meetings
    • Text, email, or other other form of non physical communication
  • Provide information on resources on campus:
    • Academic
    • Health
    • Social
  • Foster genuine relationships with no expectations other than being a peer resource.
  • Setting and maintaining boundaries.

What to expect being a Mentee

  • Consistent weekly communication from your OPL
  • Support from your OPL, but understanding they are a resource, and not an end-all solution.
  • Active reciprocation of the efforts of your OPL.
  • Fostering a relationship that best suits you!
  • You are required to attend the initial Meet & Greet, where you will have an opportunity to connect with your OPL.
  • Complete a Survey twice a term (Mid-Term, End of Term) to evaluate your OPL and offer suggestions to improve the program.

Join the Program!

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