Greetings! This is where you can access the applications to live in one of the Cultural Houses for the 2022-23 Academic Year.

Please see the timeline below for more details on our process. You should also review the House Charter before applying. Remember that members of the cultural houses are beholden to OIL’s mission and vision, as well as the requirements of the House Charter.

Candidates are only required to complete an application this year. There will be no interviews.

  • Applications open March 1st
  • Applications close after March 31st
  • OIL Staff & House Program Managers will review applications between April 1st-April 18th
  • House Offers sent April 20th
  • 2nd Round Offers sent between April 22nd-25th


  • New applicants (those who have not lived in the houses at any point in the 2021-22 school year)
  • Returning applicants (those who have lived in the house Fall ’21, Winter ’22, or Spring ’22)