Can I live in a Cultural House all year?

Yes! Please apply to a Cultural House with intention to live there for the entire academic year.

If I live in a Cultural House, do I get to live off-board?

No, you are required to be on the 5 meal plan at minimum.

Can first year students live in the Cultural Houses?

Typically, first year students do not live in the Cultural Houses and would not be placed there by Residential Life initially. However, there is no rule saying that first year students cannot fill vacancies within the Cultural House Community that come up throughout the year.

What kinds of fun stuff do the Cultural Houses do for the campus?

The Cultural Houses provide social, educational, and campus-wide programming each term. These fun and educational events allow the Cultural House Communities to reach out to the greater Carleton community and engage students in conversation around issues of diversity and social justice.

If I’m a resident in a Cultural House, how much do I have to participate in the house activities?

As a Cultural House resident, you are expected to fully participate in all official programming put on by your House. This includes the social, educational, and jointly-produced campus-wide events.

What is the difference between living in a residence hall and a Cultural House?

The Cultural Houses are designed to provide a culturally safe space for students of color, international students, and their allies willing to contribute to an environment that facilitates academic and personal success. These opportunities and living spaces may be different or more culturally representative than the opportunities you may find in traditional residential housing options.

If I am currently abroad and want to apply to live in the Cultural Houses, what is the process?

The process is the same as if you were currently on campus. You will need to submit the application in its entirety before the due date listed on the application form. There are no in-person or virtual interview components of the application to worry about.

Are the Cultural Houses only for students of color?

No. While living in a Cultural House is designed to provide a culturally safe space for students of color, international students, and their allies, there is no restriction to who may apply. It is essential that prospective residents are willing to foster belonging, build community, support student success, and raise awareness of issues related to the identities of the House.

In terms of attending events, all Carleton community members are encouraged to participate in all programs and events developed by the Cultural House communities.


House Charters and Resident Expectations

Students living within a Cultural House are committed to creating inclusive, accountable, and respectful spaces. As a member of the Cultural House community, students channel their excitement for community building through intentional programming, both educationally and socially.

The details of being a resident can be found in the house charters. These charters are used as guiding documents for programming efforts, community behavior, and managing accountability. These are living documents and may change as the needs of residents and OIL professional staff change.