Phoebe Wilmot

INTERVIEWER: Today I’m going to be asking Phoebe about her experience being Asian-American, so first off Phoebe, do you have any non-English names?

Phoebe: No, it was the name of my mom, and she also named me Phoebe

INT: Awesome, and what was your favorite cultural experience growing up?

P: The culture as a Filipino is to socialize and respect others and learn how to cook.

INT: Nice, what was your favorite food growing up?

P: Adobo. In fact, I taught Carleton how to make Adobo and now it’s in the meal plan in food service.

INT: It was your idea initially?

P: Yes, I tried to share what my grandparents taught me when growing up because my Mom passed away when I was 3 and was raised by my grandma so she taught me the value of being Filipino-Chinese.

INT: I have to say, it’s a good dish. And lastly, what advice would you give to Asian-American students who are struggling to fit in here?

P: Well, I came from another culture to come over here. The first time, we’re not comfortable but we have to understand who we are and be proud of where we came from. It doesn’t matter what color you are, you’re still equal in the eyes of other people.

INT: Awesome, thank you very much Phoebe!