Kevin Bui

Interviewer: What is your full name and pronouns?

Kevin Bui: My name is Kevin, I go by Kevin, my government name (i guess) is Thien Bui. I use he/him pronouns.

INT: Do you have any other names (i.e. not in English)?

KB: That is actually a really funny story. Kevin is just a name I just chose. I went to English school when I was in Vietnam. And then the teacher would just go down a list of names, it was alphabetical order. And I was just sitting there going through the a’s, b’s, and c’s. And as soon as I heard Kevin I said alright that’s me! So I was just sitting there for 30 minutes, but you know it took some time. My Vietnamese name means kindness, so I really like that! It has always been my fun fact. My go to fun fact!

INT: Tell us a story about…A tradition

KB: Well, I guess I can do this tradition thing. It is not a big cultural thing in Vietnam, but it is a tradition that I have with my family. So I do not go home that often ever since like college, like I am just always just somewhere. But then, since my first time leaving home every single time I go back like my dad would make Pho. And then, the first time it was kinda like “Oh! This is really nice like celebrating me coming home!” But then we kept doing that to a point that it is now kinda like a family tradition right where every single time I go home there will always be a just like big pot of Pho waiting for me. So that was really cool. Ya, that’s kinda like a tradition my family do that I value a lot!

INT: How do you stay rooted in your culture while being in Carleton?

KB: See it is funny you say that, it is like that Pho thing. For me, it has to do a lot with cooking! I love to cook. Because of that Pho thing that my family do right, I try to do a lot of that at Carleton, where I am the president of Tim Viet, the Viet club; we are active we just don’t do a lot of campus outreach, and that is by design. But basically the only events we have is we just cook together. And I really like that it because it reminds me of home, and then whenever the children (students) show up we cook together and it is nice! It is like a small community like it is not a glamorous event. It is just a way for me to feel like a part of something like I am at home. And I think a lot of the kids in Tim Viet feel that way too! I hope that continues after I leave!