Jonathan Nguyen

Interviewer: What is your full name and pronouns?

Jonathan Nguyen: Hi! My name is Jonathan Hoang Nguyen, and I use He/Him pronouns.

INT: Do you have any other names (i.e. not in English)?

JN: Yes, my middle name is Hoang.

INT: How has your cultural heritage influenced your identity and sense of belonging?

JN: Being Asian American, specifically Vietnamese-American, from immigrant parents, I think growing up, I kind of shied away from that identity. I think definitely growing up in a predominately white area, I didn’t feel proud to be Asian. It wasn’t until my senior year of high school where I found community with my Asian friends, where I kinda began embracing that identity. And I think coming to Carleton and seeing how much value there is in like kind of being Asian-American, Southeast Asian, and Vietnamese I think has kind of helped me embrace my identity and made me proud of being Asian American. And now that I am older I can say I am proud to be Vietnamese, I am proud to be Southeast Asian, and I am proud to be Asian American. And just seeing the amazing things our identities can bring us in terms of fostering community has helped influence my identity and being proud of who I am!