Janet Duong

Interviewer: Today, I’m going to be talking to Janet about what being Asian-American means to her, so first off, do you have any non-English names?

Janet: Actually, my middle name is my mother’s Vietnamese first name, so whenever I go to Vietnam, my family calls me Hang, because it’s my mother’s first name as well.

INT: Got it so-

Janet: But she goes by an English name now, so she had her name changed to an English name, and I took her first Vietnamese name as my middle name

INT: As your middle name? Ok

Janet: But I go by Hang in Vietnam, but in America, I use my first name Janet

INT: Growing up, what was your favorite cultural tradition that you celebrated?

Janet: We always celebrated Lunar New Year in my family going to the Chinatown in Houston, TX and we would always watch the firecrackers on the streets and the lion dances. That was my favorite part, watching these performances.

INT: You’re from Houston?

Janet: Yeah

INT: What are your thoughts on the Asian-American community here at Carleton? Do you feel like you’re a big part of that?

Janet: I would try my best to. Because of the range of what Asian-American means, we have a Tieng-Viet club here at Carleton for Vietnamese students and I feel really connected to that, because we all share the same Vietnamese subset of Asian. But when it comes to the bigger cultural orgs, I feel a little bit detached myself just because it’s harder to relate to the other Asian-Americans here when it comes to the specifics of it all.