Amanda Khouw

Hello my name is Amanda Khouw and I am a senior chemistry major and have been serving as the President of Coalition of Southeast Asians or COSEA for 3 years now. I am a first-generation Chinese-Indonesian-American and also have a Chinese Name, 许惠媄. As a Chinese-Indonesian-American from an immigrant family, I have found the experience of growing up biculturally to be both enriching and challenging. Growing up, I have navigated the delicate balance of embracing my heritage while simultaneously adapting to the cultural norms of America.

I first started sharing my deep passion for raising cultural awareness of Asian cultures from high school, when I founded the Asian Culture Club as a junior. The club quickly became a space where students from diverse backgrounds could come together to celebrate and learn about the rich history of Asian countries.

My journey with the Asian Culture Club ignited a lifelong dedication to promoting cross-cultural understanding and appreciation. As I transitioned to college, I continued to advocate for cultural diversity and inclusion, eventually taking on leadership roles in organizations like COSEA. Today, as the President of COSEA, I have had the privilege of fostering a sense of community among Southeast Asian students on campus, celebrating our shared heritage while embracing our individual identities. Southeast Asian communities often receive less recognition compared to their East Asian counterparts when it comes to the term AAPI or Asian American & Pacific Islander. And because of this, I have committed to amplifying the voices and experiences of Southeast Asians within our campus.

Through advocacy efforts, cultural events such as AAPI Gala Night, and educational initiatives, COSEA strives to raise awareness about the diverse cultures, histories, and contributions of Southeast Asian communities. I am deeply grateful for the opportunities that COSEA has given me as well as the meaningful connections and friendships I have made along the way.