Carleton’s intercultural & international student organizations were developed by groups of students who had the desire and saw a need for a group to support their common interests. The Office of Intercultural Life is always open to new ideas in areas in which students see a need for greater community.

If you are interested in any of the following groups, contact us to find out how to get in touch with them.

African and Caribbean Student Association (ACA)

The objectives of the African and Caribbean Association (ACA) are to increase African and Caribbean awareness, culture and values as well as create an opportunity for students of African and Caribbean descent to socialize and interact. We do so by engaging in activities such as dance, drama, dinners, and discussions on African and Caribbean issues.

Asian Students In America (ASIA)

ASIA is an organization designed to meet the needs of Carleton’s Asian and Asian-American community. We offer a forum for members to fulfill their educational, social, and political needs. We provide to the greater community the breath and depth of Asian and Asian-American experience through events and outings open to everyone.

Black Student Alliance (BSA)

Carleton’s Black Student Alliance was founded to promote awareness about issues surrounding the black community. The purpose of our organization is to foster a deeper understanding of race issues, recognize the diversity within the Black community, and perpetuate positive representations of Blackness. BSA aims to unify the Black students on campus and engage the broader Carleton community through cultural events and meaningful discussion. BSA seeks members that are open-minded, strong, determined and dedicated to carrying out the above goals.

Carleton Pre-Health Association (CPA)

The Carleton Pre-Health Association (CPA) is the largest organization of students interested in pursuing health-based careers on campus. Dedicated to helping pre-med students of all backgrounds reach their career goals, CPA seeks to provide Carls with a supportive community of peers, a multitude of volunteer opportunities, and seminars to meet healthcare professionals and medical students and understand what various medical careers comprise of. We also aim to increase awareness at Carleton about health disparity issues domestically and internationally.

Chinese Club

The Chinese Club was founded as a resource for expanding and increasing the awareness of the Chinese culture and language at Carleton. It serves the needs of Chinese community, promotes interactions between Chinese and American students, and encourages those interested in learning about China and its culture.

Coalition of Hmong Students (CHS)

Nyob zoo!! (Hello!) Coalition of Hmong Students is an organization dedicated to providing and enhancing the awareness of the Hmong culture at Carleton and the surrounding communities. CHS also exists as a group for those who would like to learn more about the Hmong people and culture. Everyone is encouraged to join in on the fun of organizing and celebrating events that CHS sponsors and hosts throughout the year.

Coalition of Southeast Asians

Coalition of Southeast Asians (COSEA) is a student-led organization which seeks to promote unity for all Southeast Asian-identifying students and their allies at Carleton through food, music and company.

Indigenous Peoples Alliance (IPA)

The Indigenous Peoples Alliance (IPA) is a cultural community for students who identify with an Indigenous group, anywhere around the world, to share with each other what it means to be Indigenous through different cultural objects and experiences.

Japanese Circle

Japanese Circle is a cultural organization dedicated to promoting greater awareness and deeper understanding of Japanese culture to the Carleton community.

Korean Student Association (KSA)

KSA is an association for Korean and Korean American students on campus to get to know each other better and to help each other navigate college life at Carleton. The group regularly hosts Korean food events, social events, and much more!

Latin American Student Organization (LASO)

LASO is an organization originally established to provide peer and cultural support for students of Latin American descent and background. However, the programming and organization has evolved with the intent to encompass the entire Carleton community. We are a flexible group that encourages students of our community as well as others to participate and create activities that enrich the understanding of Latin American issues.

Men of Color (MOC)

Men of Color (MOC) serves as a support network and resource that functions to educate and empower male students of color at Carleton. MOC also strives to encourage campus-wide meaningful and thoughtful discussions as well as actions on multicultural and gender issues pertaining to men of color in Carleton community.


Mixed was founded to create a space for multiracial, multiethnic, and multicultural students to discuss their unique experiences with other students who identify similarly. The group’s purpose is to explore and discuss diversity beyond the limitations of oversimplified racial identification within the United States. Through guided discussions and organized community events such as arts and craft sessions, food-oriented gatherings, and other activities, Mixed hopes to build a community of students who trust each other and feel able to unpack the racial turmoil and polarization that comes as an extension of these identities.

Mosaic of South Asian Interests at Carleton (MOSAIC)

MOSAIC (Mosaic of South Asian Interests at Carleton) represents the Carleton community connected to the cultures of India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Maldives. MOSAIC aims to celebrate the various aspects of South Asian culture including its languages, food, religions and traditions. MOSAIC works not only to provide a familiar environment to those who have South Asian backgrounds, but to also create a space in which those who are interested in South Asian culture are welcome to explore.

Muslim Student Association (MSA)

The Muslim Student Association exists to promote awareness about Islam among Muslims and non-Muslims; to become a source of information about Islam for anyone interested; and to establish regular meetings and worship on campus, including prayers and times of fasting, for all interested persons. 

Queer, Questioning or Trans People of Color (QTPOC)

QTPOC is an organization for self-identified Queer and Trans, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. This group seeks to create a space for students to explore the intersections of their gender, racial, sex, class, and national identities. While creating a community of students from diverse backgrounds, QTPOC aims to actively increase the visibility of underrepresented people inside and outside of Carleton.

Tim Viet

The mission of Tim Viet is to bring awareness of Vietnamese culture to the Carleton community and beyond Northfield’s borders. We participate in events such as Lunar New Year, Asia Month, and International Festival. Our annual spring banquet seeks to further the understanding of Vietnamese customs, traditions and current social statuses of Vietnamese Americans. We provide a supportive environment for students who are interested in cultivating Vietnamese culture.

Tutors of the Korean Language (TKL)

TKL is dedicated to teaching the Korean language at Carleton. Our mission is to provide a consistent academic support to beginning and intermediate learners of Korean. TKL operates on the complete undergraduate curriculum of Korean provided by the American Association of Teachers of Korean (AATK) and is supported by the Language Center at Carleton College. TKL offers weekly class along with private tutoring sessions provided for those who sign up at the beginning of each term.

Women of Color Plus (WOC+)

Women of Color Plus (WOC+) is open to all people of color with marginalized gender identities as well as those who would like to receive emails about our group’s happenings. WOC+ is dedicated to creating a space for members to connect and support one another in order to achieve greater goals for Carleton and beyond. WOC+ hosts several events throughout the term to create social connections, share career development information, and promote wellness among BIPOC students.