The Cultural Programming Board (CPB) is a collaborative of 20 chartered cultural organizations designed to:

  1. Support the development and implementation of high-impact cultural programming at Carleton
  2. Develop and train the next generation of organizational leaders


  1. Promote cross- and intercultural learning
  2. Foster collaboration among students from different backgrounds
  3. Elevate the presence and relevance of underrepresented cultural perspectives
  4. Stimulate critical dialogue about culture, inclusion, and community

As a member of the CPB, organizations have access to supplemental programmatic funding and greater programming support through OIL. Additionally, there are more opportunities for training and professional development in event planning, program design, and organizational leadership, and a greater connection to other organizations for collaborative programming. Working more closely with OIL allows for more resources, increased impact, and expanded campus reach.

Who is considered a Cultural Organization?

We recognize that new clubs and organizations are being started and some are disappearing because of inactivity, but to have a working definition of “cultural organization” we use what is written in the Carleton Student Association’s list of organizations who are eligible for the Cultural Org Fund.

African and Caribbean Students Association; Asian Students in America; Black Student Alliance; Black Student Athletes of Carleton College; Carleton College American Sign Language Club; Carleton College Chinese Chess Club; Chinese Club, Coalition of Hmong Students; Coalition of Southeast Asians; Define American; Indigenous People’s Alliance, Japanese Circle; Jewish Students of Carleton; Kopitiam; Korean Students Association; Latin American Student Organization; Middle Eastern North African Student Association; Men of Color; Mixed; Mosaic of South Asian Interests at Carleton; Muslim Students Association; Queer, Questioning and Trans People of Color; Taiwanese Cultural Society; Thai Students’ Association; Tim Viet; Ujamaa Collective; and Women of Color Plus.

If your org is not represented here, please reach out to Marshall (rbell3@carleton.edu) to have a conversation about joining the Cultural Programming Board!


Cultural Organizations have access to a large pool of funding through the Carleton Student Association (CSA) Cultural Fund. You can find out information about CSA funding sources and the process of requesting funds on their website. The Cultural Fund should be the first place Cultural Organizations go for funding. OIL will provide an additional $300 for the year to CPB members, and to access that funding organizations should use the Purchase and Reimbursement Request Form on our website.

Event Submission and Evaluation

Cultural Organizations can complete the Event / Program Submission Form to take advantage of OIL’s advertising reach. Through this form, Organizations can request that their event be shared on the Cultural House / Cultural Org Programming Google Calendar, be included in the weekly OIL Newsletter, and request additional staffing support for an event.

A completed event should be followed up with the Program Evaluation Form. This is valuable information for OIL so that we may better support Organization programming in the future, and also an important practice for Organizations to reflect on the things that went well and the things they could improve on in the future.