Cultural Org Fair

The Cultural Programming Board (CPB) is a collaborative of chartered student organizations that hosts high-impact cultural programming on campus; elevates the relevance of underrepresented cultural perspectives; and stimulates critical dialogue about culture, inclusion, and community.

The CPB is a growing network of cultural organizations and their members. We serve as a unifying structure for communication, leadership development, and skill and capacity building. OIL and CPB develop large-scale programming together, including the Cultural Org Awards in spring.


  • Promote cross- and intercultural learning
  • Foster collaboration among students from different backgrounds
  • Elevate the presence and relevance of underrepresented cultural perspectives
  • Stimulate critical dialogue about culture, inclusion, and community
  • Improve student leader skills, knowledge, and capacity

Who is considered a Cultural Organization?

Currently, OIL uses the list of organizations outlined in the CSA Financial Guidelines for who may access the Cultural Org Fund as a baseline. This list should not be considered all inclusive, as many organizations have recently become, or intend on becoming, newly chartered student organizations and the text may not reflect that.

If your org is not represented in the text, please reach out to Marshall ( to have a conversation about joining the Cultural Programming Board!

NOTE: Information will be updated as CSA changes go into effect for 2024-25 academic year


Cultural Organizations have access to a large pool of funding through the Carleton Student Association (CSA) Cultural Fund. You can find out information about CSA funding sources and the process of requesting funds on their website. The Cultural Fund should be the first place Cultural Organizations go for funding. OIL will provide an additional $300 for the year to CPB members, and to access that funding organizations should use the Purchase and Reimbursement Request Form on our website.

NOTE: Information will be updated as CSA changes go into effect for 2024-25 academic year