Museums and Presenting the Past

6 June 2023

Hi This is Sawyer Stone. I wanted to take some time to write about how the time we had in Italy has forced me to reflect on how the past…

Professor North presenting at the church of Sant'Elia

Sex and the City

3 June 2023

In order to enter the Vatican your shoulders and knees must be covered, but as soon asyou turn the corner you might just see a Roman vending machine selling vibrators…

Painting in a Roman Sandwich Shop

Italy: Land o’ Lakes

2 June 2023

While my roommate was quarantining with Covid, I had a desperate urge to get out of Rome and soak up the beautiful sunny weather. So I, with a group of…

Lake Bracciano

Happy 2776th Birthday, Rome!

2 June 2023

Happy 2776th Birthday, Rome! This past Sunday I was fortunate enough to visit the Natale di Roma or the Birth of Rome Festival. According to legend, Rome was founded on…


Musings on Home

31 May 2023

As we tumble toward the finish line of this program, I’ve been doing a lot more reflecting on it than I honestly thought I would have just a few weeks…

This sunset in Cefalù was on the halfway point of our program: Wednesday, April 26

An Excursion to Florence

30 May 2023

Reading all of my peers’ blog posts, I was struck by the range of our travels. From the canals of Venice to the beaches of Sicily, our program has truly…


Weekend in San Marino

30 May 2023

Recently, I embarked on a trip to the world’s oldest surviving constitutional republic—a microstate conveniently located just eight hours, three trains, and one bus away from Rome. My roommate, Sofia,…

Guaita tower

I Gatti d’Italia

30 May 2023

Throughout my term in Italy, one of my favorite unofficial activities has been cat spotting. This has taken the form of actively visiting sites that have cats and keeping an…

A shopkeer in Venice

Home Cooking

30 May 2023

Rome is, as we all know, a place renowned for its fine cuisine. From roman chicken to carbonara, to the humble suppli, the city is a veritable smorgasbord for the…

Our measuring devices.

Birding in Italy

30 May 2023

Missing the Carleton Arboretum Spring Bird count? Fear not! Pull out your binoculars and your birding checklists, because Italian art has birds coming out the oiseaux! For 2,000 years your…

The geese of Anagni