Non-Carleton OCS programs greatly expand the breadth and depth of the Carleton curriculum. Every year, Carleton students participate in over 100 programs operated by other organizations. 

Our Student Portal contains a directory of programs students have participated in over the years along with opportunities especially recommended by Carleton. IIE Passport lists a wider range of programs. We are also open to requests from students. If a program that interests you is not listed in our Portal, email OCS to see if it’s a program Carleton can consider for credit.

Through individual advising appointments, OCS staff can recommend programs that align with your academic and personal goals for OCS. Advising appointments are available every weekday afternoon and can be requested by emailing

In addition, during the fall and winter terms the OCS office hosts campus visits from our closest partner organizations. Our brochure shelf contains information about hundreds of programs and our annual student-to-student World’s Fair is a great opportunity to speak directly with your peers about their experiences.

Approval Process for Non-Carleton Programs

Students must apply to the program itself AND to Carleton for approval of the program. These applications can be submitted concurrently. For program applications, follow the directions given by the program sponsor. Applications for Carleton approval of the program can be found in the OCS Student Portal. Search for the program and click “Apply Now.” See the Policies and Procedures section of our website for due dates and additional information about the application process.

Non-Carleton Programs that fit into Winter or Spring Term

There are a limited number of non-Carleton programs available during winter and/or spring term, listed here by program sponsor.

When browsing programs, pay careful attention to dates. Programs that would require you to miss classes at Carleton will NOT be approved.

Barcelona Study Abroad Experience
Hispanic & European Studies Program at University Pompeu Fabra is available during Carleton’s Winter Term.

CEA offers Winter term programs in Costa Rica, Prague and Sydney.

CIEE Open Campus
Combine blocks for a 10- or 12-week program in one or two cities. Courses are offered in the following tracks (note that courses are approved on a case-by-case basis):

  • Business
  • Communication, New Media, and Journalism
  • Global and Community Health
  • International Relations and Political Science
  • Language, Literature, and Culture
  • STEM and Society

Foundation for International Education in London (FIE)
A study abroad program in London, FIE offers a variety of courses for US students during our winter and spring terms, including a Public Health Track during spring term. See the program dates page under Apply Now to check specific dates.

Global Education Oregon (GEO)
The University of Oregon offers programs open to non-Oregon students in multiple locations during spring term. Search for spring quarter programs.

IES Abroad
Winter Term programs are being offered in Berlin and Amsterdam.

International Studies Abroad (ISA)
Check out the Costa RicaBarcelonaSalamancaMalagaThailandUniversity of Readingservice-learning/internship programs in particular.

Sea Education Association (SEA)
SEA offers several programs that fit into Winter or Spring term. Routes and programs vary by year, so pay careful attention to dates. In particular, look for early spring dates on the ship schedule under the “Ships & Crew” tab.

Spanish Studies Abroad (SSA)
Check out the Seville intensive language programs for winter, as well as, Alicante and Barcelona.

Language Schools

Many Carleton students participate in programs offered by language schools or institutes abroad and in the United States. Study at these institutions is not eligible for Carleton credit. Language schools and institutes have several features that make them an attractive choice for a winter break or summer intensive course designed to focus on and improve language skills – they offer flexible, a la carte schedule of classes, can provide different types of lodging, airport pickup, and volunteer opportunities. When choosing one of these institutes, either in the U.S. or abroad, look for:

  • small classes
  • amount of classroom interaction per day (minimum 4-5 hours/day)
  • daily practice with instructors and students
  • instruction in cultural context
  • language assistants/tutors
  • out-of-classroom activities with native speakers using target language
  • homestays or dorm arrangements with native speakers

Language Schools Outside the United States (year-round opportunities)

Summer Language Programs in the United States

Student Evaluations

OCS maintains a binder of feedback given by past participants. Stop by Leighton to read reviews from past students. To see a list of which programs students participated in by year, visit our statistics page.

Non-Carleton Program Evaluation

View the Non-Carleton Program Evaluation form.