When you submit your application for a non-Carleton off-campus study program, you are automatically removed from the housing process for the applicable term.

If you are not approved for OCS, cancel, or withdraw your OCS plans, you must first notify the OCS office. Residential Life will reinstate your eligibility for housing once notified of the change by the OCS office.

While you are on OCS, Residential Life will reach out to you to coordinate housing plans for your return.  If you are on OCS during any part of the Housing Selection Process (Northfield Option, Interest House Selection, Room Draw) for the upcoming academic year, you can complete those processes if you have reliable internet access or reach out to Residential Life in advance for assistance. 


When planning to depart campus you are responsible for checking-out of your current living space. You may utilize Student Storage to store your belongings. Visit Residential Life for more information about storage locations and policies.