PragueBlog Fall of ’22, Entry 4: Hip Czech (nailed it)

4 October 2022

Anna Weller ’24, a Psychology major, is currently studying abroad on the Carleton Cross Cultural Psychology in Prague program. Follow along on their adventures!

Andrew Weller '24

Author’s note: Please check out the previous blog post to see a newly added video of us predicting our chances of reaching the summit!

While I’ve certainly had fun writing these blog titles, I’d like to preface this entry by saying our journey this week broached several topics that are more serious and important than what we’ve seen so far. On Tuesday, we visited the Center for the Treatment of Eating Disorders. We had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Hana Papežová as well as several patients who volunteered to share their insights with us.

center for treatment of eating disorders
Location: Center for the Treatment of Eating Disorders.
Activity: Posing questions and taking notes from psychiatrist Dr. Hana Papežová.
alternate view
Alternate view.

That night, a lighthearted diversion was in order. We took a trip to the 02 Arena to watch Sparta Praha pound the competition into the dust – or should I say the ice – winning 5-3 in a high-scoring, high-intensity match.

02 Arena in prague
Location: The 02 Arena in Prague.
Activity: Hala and Catherine showing their confidence in the inevitable victory of Sparta Praha.

Later in the week, we took another sojourn into sober matters. A walking tour of Prague replaced our normal Thursday history class; the points of interest focused on student involvement in Czech revolutionary movements.

jan opletal memorial plaque
Location: The Jan Opletal memorial plaque, New Town, Žitná 27.
Activity: Our tour guide recounts the story of Jan Opletal, a Charles University medical student who was shot and killed in 1939 during an anti-Nazi demonstration on the Czechoslovak Independence Day.
st wenceslaus square
Location: St. Wenceslaus Square in the heart of Prague.
Activity: Kara and Nubia observe a memorial to Jan Palach and Jan Zajíc, two young men who, in protest of the communist regime, took their own lives by self-immolation in 1969.

Our tour guide ended the excursion by reminding us that we aren’t so different from the many students throughout Czech history who courageously spoke out against authoritarianism. Hopefully we won’t live to see regimes like those take hold, but if we do, I hope we can live up to their example.

Stay tuned for more blog posts coming soon. Na shledanou.