PragueBlog Fall of ’22, Entry 3: Have I made a “check” pun yet? Oh wait we’re in Slovakia

28 September 2022
Andrew Weller '24

Anna Weller ’24, a Psychology major and Spanish minor, is currently studying abroad on the Carleton Cross Cultural Psychology in Prague program. Follow along on their adventures! (Part 3!)

Over the course of our four-day excursion to Slovakia, we explored breathtaking natural locales, toured ancient historical sites, and learned about traditional cultural practices. First, we hiked through the Tatra mountains along the Slovakia-Poland border.

Left to right: Emerald, Ken, Miriam, Claudia, Nubia, Anna, Jing Jing, Fátima, Lev, Bryn, Miller, Harald.
Location: A trail junction at the base of the Tatra mountains.
Activity: Embarking on the hike of a lifetime. Photo courtesy of Nancy.
Left to right: Jing Jing, Bryn, Miriam, Lev. Photo courtesy of Jing Jing.

The journey took approximately seven hours of intense hiking. I recorded 27,000 steps over 3.4 miles as the crow flies, though at times we hit 50+ degree inclines on hillsides covered in deep snow. Despite the heavy workout, the view was definitely worth it.

Miller on the road.
Left to right: Sofia, Kara, Fátima, Daphne, Nancy.
Activity: Celebrating victory over the mountain.
Jing Jing at the top of the world.
Left to right: Anna, Bryn, Catherine, Emerald, Stephanie, Lev, Miriam, Claudia, Harald, Miller, Tin, Nubia, Jing Jing.
Location: 49.1637058°N, 20.0280480°E.
Activity: Eating lunch and preparing for the journey back.

Next, we visited Spiš Castle, a ruin classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1993. Cannons and defensive stone fortifications can still be seen within the walls.

Left to right: Miller, Claudia, Miriam, Anna. Jing Jing runs in the background.
Location: The ruins of Spiš Castle, near the town of Spišské Podhradie, Slovakia. Photo courtesy of Fátima.
Hala and Nubia in the countryside. Photo courtesy of Nancy.
Miriam, Claudia, and Miller on the platform leading out of the castle keep. Photo courtesy of Nancy.

Finally, we took a trip down the Dunajec river on wooden rafts. The experience was remarkably relaxing and lasted around 1.5 hours.

Left to right: Anna, Miriam, Harald, Claudia, Miller.
Location: The river Dunajec on the border between Slovakia and Poland.
Activity: Rafting the time away. Photo courtesy of Harald.
Raft 2
Anna and Miriam on the water. Photo courtesy of Harald.

At the end of the route, there was a small barrier marking the exact border between Slovakia and Poland. I can now say I’ve officially visited the latter country, if only for about a minute.

That’s all for this entry of the Prague Blog! Up next: A visit to the Center for the Treatment of Eating Disorders, and a Sparta Praha hockey game. Čau!