An Interview with Faculty Director Nancy Cho

12 February 2024

Faculty Director Nancy Cho, who will lead Living London: Literature, Performance, Culture, discusses the multicultural highlights and opportunities for literary exploration that this Winter 2025 program offers.

San Pancras Station

Sitting Down with GEP Program Director Iveta Jusová

7 February 2024

Iveta Jusová, Director of the Women’s and Gender Studies in Europe Global Engagement , discusses the program’s unique academic attention to feminism, gender, race, and sexuality topics as well as the opportunities for personal growth as a college student.

students sit on the edge of a canal

An Interview with Faculty Director Fernando Contreras Flamand

3 January 2024

Faculty Director Fernando Contreras Flamand, who leads Social Justice and Cultural Immersion in Mexico, explains the simultaneous language acquisition and social justice issues exploration that this Winter Break program offers.

Cuernavaca, Mexico

LSE with Leon Morduch ’24

22 December 2023

Leon Morduch ’24, a Political Science/International Relations major, discusses his year-long experience at the London School of Economics.

LSE main plaza during December

Hued Hueds in Tamango, Patagonia with Caroline Loescher ’25

6 December 2023

Caroline Loescher ’25 describes her hike in Tamango, a park in Patagonia, though the Round River’s Conservation Student Program.

students hike up mountain

LSE Summer School with Tori Gray ’24

27 November 2023

Tori Gray ’24 discusses her six-week summer experience at the LSE Summer School (London School of Economics), studying the analysis of Foreign Policy and International Migration Studies.

friends pose by Tower Bridge

Study Abroad At and Soon After Carleton with Erik Lagerquist ’19

26 October 2023

Erik Lagerquist ’19, a Physics graduate who now works within the renewable energy sector, discusses the impact of his experiences abroad as well as his work as an OCS Fellow.

playing soccer in Ecuador

Language Learning in Taiwan with Sydney Merrell ’24

15 October 2023

Sydney Merrell ’24 shares her language learning process in Hsinchu, Taiwan over this past summer, 2023!

students pose at Sun Moon Lake

Punting for Prosperity: Economics Adventures in Cambridge with Jason Lin ‘25

15 October 2023

Jason Lin ’25 shares his experiences during the Carleton Program: Economics in Cambridge this past summer, 2023!

students ride boat on River Cam

Political Economy and Ecology in Southeast Asia 

12 October 2023

Faculty Director Dr. Tun Myint, who leads Political Economy and Ecology in Southeast Asia, shares highlights of this winter’s study-abroad trip as well as the unique insights into themselves and the world around them that students will gain through their experiences.

students set up campsite in forest