Cross-Cultural Psychology in Prague with Joey Silknitter ’22

1 November 2021
Joey SIlknitter '22 OCS Featured Participant

Joey Silknitter ’22, an American Studies major, is currently studying abroad on the Carleton Cross-Cultural Studies in Prague program.

Tag along with Joey as he shares what a typical “Day in Prague” looks like, from dawn ’til dusk!

8:30 am — I wake up to a beautiful view of downtown Prague.

Prague is divided into numbered city sections, which increase in number as you move farther from the city center, “Prague 1.” The apartments for the 15 Carleton students are really close together and located in a quiet yet lively neighborhood in Prague 2.

Joey Silknitter Featured Participant Image 1
“The sunset, not pictured, is truly breathtaking. Even so, I find the view incredible no matter the time of day.”

9:20 am — After making breakfast, I head to the streetcar, or the tram.

Talking with my flatmates along the way, we walk to one of two tram stops: Bruselská or Náměstí Míru. The public transit in Prague is incredible; our travel passes provide access to a seemingly infinite number of trams, buses, and subways that run throughout the city.

Joey Silknitter Featured Participant Image 2
“How am I lucky enough to take these adorable trams everyday? It’s wonderful.”

10:00 am — Class starts!

Just like Carls do on campus, I am taking three classes: Cross-Cultural Psychology, Political and Cultural History of East Central Europe in the 20th Century, and Czech Art and Architecture: From the Middle Ages to the 21st Century.

I am continually engaged by what I learn in each class, and love all of my professors. Each of our teachers are creative, supportive, and passionate about their subject matter. Cross-Cultural Psychology is built around a series of visits to Czech psychiatric clinics, Czech Art and Architecture has nearly a dozen outdoor classes where we tour the architecture of Prague, and our Political and Cultural History course includes a visit to Jáchymov, Czech Republic.

11:45 am  — I join friends from class for lunch in the city center!

Prague is overflowing with incredible restaurants. It’s impossible to try them all—we’ve been trying.

Joey Silknitter Featured Participant Image 3
“Right to left: Diana De La Paz ‘23, Rebecca Fox ‘22, Rachel Block ‘22, Minneh Song ‘22, and I enjoy lunch on a sidewalk between classes.”

2:00 pm  — Hopping on a tram, I find a relaxing coffee shop.

Once I have a pastry nearby, I settle in and read for tomorrow’s classes. With a comfortable and calm atmosphere, small shops like these are great places to talk to others!

Joey Silknitter Featured Participant Image 4
“Mamacoffee Londýnská is an adorable coffee shop just a few blocks from our apartment.”

5:00 pm — Having taken the tram back to the apartment, I relax and chat with my Carleton flatmates.

6:30 pm — I get ready for football (a.k.a. soccer)!

I love playing club soccer back on campus, and have been lucky enough to join a soccer team in a 6 versus 6 amateur league in Prague. I take the subway to the turf field outside of the city center.

10:30 pm — After a fulfilling day, I arrive back at the apartment.

Similar to so many others I have met while living in Prague, the people on my soccer team are incredibly kind and supportive. It’s easy to stay and talk with them long after the game ends!

Each day is different while immersed in Prague with faculty director Ken Abrams and peers. I thoroughly enjoy the Czech Movie nights hosted by Ken, and love all of the soccer games and excursions we have experienced. With the term barely halfway through, we have already visited Slovakia, Poland, and multiple towns in the Czech Republic!