German Studies in Berlin with Josh Moore ’24

2 November 2022
Josh Moore Headhsot

Josh Moore ’24, a Computer Science major, is currently studying abroad on the Carleton German Studies in Berlin Program.

Follow along on Josh’s adventures around Germany!

Berliner Cathedral
The Berlin Cathedral, with the East German satellite tower seen in the background. Both built to emphasize the power of their respective regimes, they were surprisingly built only 64 years apart.
Memoral of the Battle of Nations in Leipzig
The Memorial to the Battle of the Nations, a 91-meter tall monument in Leipzig with incredible views from the top viewing platform.
View from the memorial in Leizig
The view from the top of the same monument, out over the reflecting pool.
Berliner Tor lit up in the dark
The Brandenburg Gate, lit up at night.
Stand selling nuts in Leipzig
A cute stand selling various types of nuts in Leipzig.
sunset in berlin
Some pretty sunset clouds.