Geology in New Zealand with Sebastian Forero Escovar ’25

15 February 2023

Sebastian Forero Escovar ’25 shares his experiences during the Winter 2023 Geology in New Zealand program through his photography.

Rocks Geology in New Zealand
Ignius Dyke on the North Island
 Geology in New Zealand
Sebastian in New Zealand
Here, we see beach conglomerate with very round clasts. Specifically, I am in the Tongariro Mountain Range: the mountains where the Lord of the Rings trilogy was filmed.
Sebastian in New Zealand
This viewing point was halway through the Tongariro crossing hike (everyone takes pictures here and there was a large group of tourists)
Borderline pebbley sand or conglomerate with very fine clasts (field notebook for scale)
Sedimentary structures possibly due to under water turbidity deposits collapsing
group selfie
group selfie at the top of Kaeo Whangaroa viewing point
Aurere Point
Aurere Point
Ophioiete thin section
Ophioiete thin section