Cross-Cultural Psychology in Prague with Lev Shuster ’24

13 February 2023

Lev Shuster ’24, a Computer Science major, studied abroad on the Carleton Cross-Cultural Psychology in Prague Program in Fall 2022.

Lev has a background in photojournalism and shared some photo highlights with us. Follow along on Lev’s adventures through Prague and more!

Prague – Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge in Prague at dawn
Charles Bridge in Prague

Kutná Hora

students in kutna hora mine in cech republic
student pointing at soemthing in kutna hora mine
Students smiling in kutna hora mine
Kutná Hora mine white helmet in forground
woman pointing at glowing screen with students watching in kutan hora mine

Český Krumlov

Český Krumlov
Český Krumlov building
Český Krumlov Dance Negitives


Terezín Prison a cross in the fog
Terezín Prison in the fog
group of students listening to a tour guide in Terezín Prison
person looking over graves in terezin prison
terezin prison
sign with "arbeit macht frei" from terezin prison

Prague Castle

snowy dawn in prague with a bronze carving in forefront
view of prague from prague castle
stained glass windows in prague castle
high ceilings and stained glass windows in prague castle
Prague Castle white colums
statue holding dagger infront of prague castle
snowy and foggy morning in prague
snowy dawn in prague with a view of prague castle




view of vienna from a train
sunset over vienna

Karlovy Vary

measuring device in uranium ines in karlovy vary
two students in the uranium mines in karlovy vary
Aerial view of Karlovy Vary