Office Services

Off-Campus Studies serves students, faculty, staff, parents and program representatives in many ways.


  • Individual and group advising
  • Comprehensive OCS student portal that includes Carleton-curated program directory, application process for Carleton programs, and a “one-stop-shop” approval process for non-Carleton programs
  • Print and web-based advising materials, including program catalogs and brochures
  • Program information tables and meetings
  • Annual student-to-student World’s Fair (January)
  • Information meetings, pre-departure and returnee workshops and social events  


  • Support in developing program ideas and consultation about OCS policies and procedures in the pre-proposal phase
  • Assistance with developing an Off-Campus Studies program proposal
  • Comprehensive support for program faculty directors in all stages of program delivery
  • Annual OCS Faculty Directors Workshop
  • On-campus workshops and support for site visits, conferences, and meetings related to off-campus study


  • Statistics on OCS participation by major
  • Collaborative approach to facilitating administrative processes related to off-campus studies


  • Presentations during Accepted Student Days
  • Individual consultations via email or phone

Program Representatives

  • Scheduling and advertising information tables and information sessions