Many thanks to this year’s judges (President Alison Byerly, Associate Professor Ross Elfline, and Director of International Life Liz Cody) and category sponsors Bon Appétit, Gould Library, and College Communications for selecting this year’s winning photographs.

Congratulations to this year’s category winners

  • People’s Choice: 
    • “Okada” by Sade Orepo-Orjay ’22
    • “Let There Be Light” by Alison Hong ’22
  • People: “Silk Road Silk Weaving” by Mehdi Shahid ’22
  • Place: “Rain and Shine” by Harper Brooks-Kahn ’23
  • Story: “Merry Mardi Gras” by Ineke Cordova ‘22
  • Foods of the World:
    • 1st Place: “Spanish Paella” by Justin Crawmer ’23
    • 2nd Place: “Uyghur Lagman” by Mehdi Shahid ’22
    • 3rd Place: “Taste of China in Czech” by Minneh Song ’22
  • Libraries of the World: “Kell’s Library” by Emily Christiansen ’22
  • Carls Off-Campus: “An Artist at Work” by Jeremy Fong ’23
“Okada” (Ibadan, Nigeria) by Sade Orepo-Orjay ’22
“Let There Be Light” (Mont-Saint-Michel, France) by Alison Hong '22
“Silk Road Silk Weaving” (Margilan, Uzbekistan) by Mehdi Shahid ’22
“Rain and Shine” (Isle of Skye, Scotland) by Harper Brooks-Kahn ’23
“Merry Mardi Gras” (Paris, France) by Ineke Cordova ’22
“Spanish Paella” (Seville, Spain) by Justin Crawmer ’23
“Uyghur Lagman” (Tashkent, Uzbekistan) by Mehdi Shahid ’22
“A Taste of China in Czech” (Prague, Czech Republic) by Minneh Song ’22
“Kell’s Library” (Dublin, Ireland) by Emily Christiansen ’22
“An Artist at Work” (Rome, Italy) by Jeremy Fong ’23
“A Window into a Fairytale” (Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic) by Suhani Thandi ’23
“Aarhus Rainbow Panorama” (Aarhus, Denmark) by Karen Wang ’22
“Arrival in Paradise” (Porvenir Island, Panama) by Elena Morales-Grahl ’23
“Big Baroque Books: Not for Borrowing” (Prague, Czech Republic) by Hisui Takeda ’22
“Docked at the Docklands” (Melbourne, Australia) by Caroline Saksena ’23
“Dream Under the Same Sky” (Szentendre, Hungary) by Ziyun Guang ’23
“Field Survey” (District of Évora, Portugal) by Kalju Maegi ’23
“Hawaiian Sunrise” (Hawaii, USA) by Ben Pham ’23
“La Vista del Peñol” (Piedra de Peñol, Colombia) by Santiago Rico ’22
“Painting in the Alps” (Sévrier, France) by Anna Neimen-Golden ’23
“Port of Nzulezo” (Nzulezo, Ghana) by Alicia Telle ’23
“Reflection” (Gijón, Spain) by Bence Kisgeczi ’22
“Shipwreck in Cyprus” (Cyprus) by Sadie Ray Smith ’23
“Smoke the Competition” (Kraków, Poland) by Minneh Song ’22
“Spanish Plaza Sunset” (Seville, Spain) by Justin Crawmer ’23
“Spirit Boat Procession” (Nagasaki, Japan) by Miyuki Mihira ’22
“Train to Samarqand” (Samarqand, Uzbekistan) by Mehdi Shahid ’22
“Underwater Exploration” (The Turks and Caicos Islands) by Kaylin Engerman ’23
“When one school trip meets another” (Bangladesh) by Rebecca Chen ’22