Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s Off-Campus Studies Photo Contest — we received over 280 submissions! From these, a panel of faculty & staff judges selected the Top 25. The Carleton community is currently voting for the People’s Choice Award, and all finalists will be celebrated at an end-of-term reception on May 16th.

Thank you to this year’s judges: Eleanor Jensen (Lecturer in Art), Andy Thompson (Print Services Coordinator), Dina Zavala (Vice President for Inclusion, Equity, and Community), and Deya Ortiz (Assistant to the Vice President for Inclusion, Equity and Community). Thanks also to the category award sponsors/judges: Gould Library (Libraries of the World), the Division of Communications (Carls Off-Campus), The Gender and Sexuality Center (Pride around the World), The Rec (Sports of the World), ResLife (Home away from Home), and Off-Campus Studies (Foods of the World).

Congratulations to this year’s category winners

  • People’s Choice: “Aslan’s Kingdom” – Oliver Tullio ’24
  • People: “The Women of Rasniri, Romania” by Mia Strubel Iram ’25
  • Place: “Scottish Sheep” – Aaron Rice ’25
  • Story: “Smell the Flowers” – Leo Jordan ’24
  • Foods of the World: “Your Pick” by Joanne Chung ’26
  • Libraries of the World: “Let It All In” by Annanya Sinha ’25
  • Carls Off-Campus: “Smooch” by Allison Penn ’25
  • Sports of the World: “Sunset Cricket” by Margaret Hall ’25
  • Pride Around the World: “Trans in Kolkata: Pride Isn’t Always a Rainbow” by Annanya Sinha ’25
  • Home away from Home: “A Room with a View by Ella Cunningham ’24
"Daishō-in" - Kaori Hirano '25
"Gather for Guavas" - Joanne Chung '26
"La Mercè" - Isaac Smalley '25
"Lion Around" - Halia Buchal '25
"The Englishman" - Georgie Walker '25
"Bridge over Peaceful Waters" - Charlie Solomon '25
"Carls in Chefchaouen" - Catherine Bregou '25
"Juggling Life" - Ava McQuain '27
"The Last Korean Supper" - Abby Quade '25
"Scottish Sheep" - Aaron Rice '25
"The Meeting" - Theo Bester '26
"At the Bow" - Susanna Kisker '24
"Rainbow Street" - Selma Vangstein '25
"Tandoor Lepeshka" - Orion Fisher '25
"Aslan's Kingdom" - Oliver Tullio '24
"Suspension Bridge" - Natalie Lang-Ree '25
"La Pompa" - Natalie Bax '24
"The Women of Rasinari, Romania" - Mia Strubel Iram '25
"Flying Kites" - Margaret Hall '25
"Patagonian Ice Cave" - Liza Swanson '25
"Currencies around the world" - Lettu Konshie '24
"Chiang Mai" - Leo Jordan '24
"Smell the Flowers" - Leo Jordan '24
"Home in the Mountains" - Katharine Tilson '25
"Rainbow Room" - Kaori Hirano '25