The Off-Campus Studies Photo Contest is an annual event celebrating student experiences on off-campus study programs. It is open to all current students who have participated in off-campus study programs, fellowships, and international internships.

The deadline for submissions to the 2022-2023 OCS Photo Contest submissions is Sunday, April 2, via the online submission form. There will be a reception on Thursday, May 18 in Upper Sayles, from 11:00AM to 3:00PM to celebrate the contest winners.

This year’s prize categories are as follows:

  1. People ($50 cash prize)
  2. Place ($50 cash prize)
  3. Story ($50 cash prize)
  4. Foods of the World ($50 cash prize)
  5. Libraries of the World ($100 cash prize)
  6. Carls Off-Campus ($200 cash prize)
  7. People’s Choice Award ($50 cash prize)