Transitions Abroad 2009 Student Writing Contest

8 January 2009 is hosting their annual student writing contest for students who are currently enrolled in undergraduate study, who have recently graduated within the past year, graduate students, and students currently on leave from school.

For this year’s contest, the winning student submission will be awarded $500, the second place winner will be awarded $150, and the third place winner $100. All winning pieces will be published on the website. Runner-up winners will be awarded $50 and will be published on

The title “Transitions” is meant to suggest the changes in perception and understanding, as well as in place, that result from cultural immersion travel. For a more detailed description of what the contest judges are looking for, click on the website below.

The Contest begins May 15th, 2008, and all entries must be received by March 1st, 2009. Transitions Abroad Publishing, Inc. will require first-time Worldwide Electronic rights for all submissions which are accepted as contest winners and for publication. In addition, Transitions Abroad Publishing, Inc. will reserve the right to reprint the story in a future publication, with additional compensation. The writer may republish the unedited submission as desired six months after initial publication on

Winners will be chosen on or about March 15th, 2009 and notified by phone, mail, or e-mail by April 1, 2009 for publication by May 1, 2009 or at such time as all winners have received and cashed payment.

For more information, take a look at the contest webstite:

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