Studio Art in the South Pacific Student Story

22 May 2019

The Studio Art trip to the South Pacific was accurately described, in our first few meetings as a group, as drawing and painting in spectacular places. Apart from a three week stay in Melbourne, Australia to learn printmaking, we were on the move constantly, always arriving in new locations. When asked what I liked most about the trip, I tend to tell people what I think they want to hear, a quick “definitely the views,” or “I liked being in the sun while you guys were stuck in the snow.” But the transience of this experience was something I had never experienced before, and thinking back, is what I enjoyed most about the trip. It is hard to articulate exactly why I liked moving from place to place every two days or so, especially given the long hours in busses, early mornings in airports, and sunburns on overcrowded boats. But these transportation scenes were where I made friends. We would play games, talk and goof off in the hours between spectacular places. Every bus ride was a reset button. Arguments from the last place, drawings that didn’t feel quite good enough – they were all part of Rarotonga, Wellington, or wherever the last place we had been. They weren’t a part of this new experience, but already a great memory that I could look back on with fondness. I was rejuvenated, my energy refilled, I was eternally eager for the next place – each one better and newer than the one before.

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