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11 March 2009

From the Gladstone Observer

American students dodge disasters

Nathan Paull | 11th March 2009

THE Gladstone Regional Art Gallery and Museum played host to around 30 American college students yesterday as they were left stranded due to Cyclone Hamish.

The Carleton College art students, hailing from the small town of Northfield, Minnesota, initially intended to travel to Heron Island yesterday morning after a presentation at the gallery on Monday night, but were forced to change their plans due to the cyclone.

In fact, it wasn’t the first time a natural disaster has affected their trip, with the students already missing out on a number of activities in Victoria due to the bushfires.

Nevertheless, students Will Adler and Kelly Thompson said they have had a great time on their South Pacific Art Program – which has included trips to New Zealand and the Cook Islands – despite confrontations with Australia’s weather.

“It’s been fantastic,” Will said.

“Yeah, we’ve been able to look at the pace of life here closely and really watch what’s going on,” Kelly agreed.

The students said some of the best aspects of their trip included learning about Indigenous culture and drawing local wildlife.

Program organiser, Professor Fred Hagstrom, said the program has been running since 1996.

The Exchange exhibition, featuring works from past and present Carleton College students, is currently on display.

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