Review of the OCS World’s Fair

15 February 2021

On Thursday, January 28, the OCS office set up tables and decor to welcome students into the Great Hall for the annual World’s Fair. This year, though, the steady flow of eager students clustered throughout the room was replaced by capacity limits and the relocation of COVID testing materials usually housed in the space. Working alongside guidelines and current restrictions, the OCS office created a World’s Fair complete with Non-Carleton Program posters, informational sheets about our programs, and small goodie bags of international candies. Pictures of the fair are included on the right side of this page.

Alongside the in-person fair, there was a virtual fair where students who were off-campus or otherwise unable to attend could access information, pictures, and videos about both Carleton and Non-Carleton programs in a fun, interactive way. The virtual fair is still available online to students.

Though many OCS programs have been cancelled or modified in some way, we are hopeful that we will be able to safely send students abroad soon. To those who are interested in applying to future OCS programs or have any general questions about studying abroad, request an advising appointment!