Photo Contest 2019 & Reception Wrap-up

21 May 2019

Representing a wide range of off-campus study, fellowship, and internship programs, the 2019 Off-Campus Studies Photo Contest saw 219 photos submitted by almost 100 students! Judges Jessica Keating, Ken Abrams, and Issa Wilson selected winners for the People, Places, and Stories categories while Bon Appetit, Gould Library, and College Communications sponsored Foods of the World, Libraries of the World, and Carls Off Campus, respectively. Carleton students, faculty, and staff voted for the People’s Choice award.

A special congratulations to this year’s category winners:

  • People’s Choice: “Sunrise over Åsane” by Keenan Moore ’20
  • People: “The Third World Woman as a Monolith” by Sophie Rogers ’21
  • Places: “Wild Dog” by Hannah Uttley ’20
  • Stories: “A Day’s Work” by Lena White ’19
  • Libraries of the World: “Vibrant Bookstore” by Lawrence Lin ’20
  • Foods of the World: “Fruitwala” by Izzy Bascom-Anderson ’21
  • Carls Off Campus: “An Ethereal Pink” by Alec Morrissey ’21

The event for the OCS Photo Contest turned into the Off-Campus Studies Awards Reception and Art Exhibition, truly an OCS extravaganza, featuring art from OCS programs and a presentation of awards for the Photo Contest and the Travel Writing Contest. On May 15, students, faculty, and interested Libe-goers gathered in the Athenaeum to partake in delicious treats and to celebrate their peers’ travels. Turnout was great for the OCS Awards Reception and Art Exhibition! First, Gabe Lobet and Samara Kroeger spoke on the Conservation, Geology, and Natural History in Tasmania program and the exhibit of photos they took while studying there. Fred Hagstrom and Eleanor Jensen then talked about the Studio Art in the South Pacific program and their sketchbook exhibit. After the Travel Writing Contest finalists read a part of their submissions, the awards were presented:

·        First Place: “Flipped Expectations” by Cora Showers ‘20

·        Second Place: “The Holy City” by Willie Powers ‘20

·        Third Place: “Hole-punched Fate” by Mila Knezevic ‘21

·        Honorable Mention: “Terra Firma” by Halle Beshouri ‘20

The OCS Photo Contest was the last (but highly anticipated) item on the schedule. The winner for each category was announced, and the photographers each received a certificate, instructions on how to receive their prize, and a 23×31” print of their winning photo. Check out the 2019 finalist photos here!

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