OCS Photo Exhibit!

24 May 2013

The Off-Campus Studies Photo Contest is an annual event celebrating student experiences on off-campus study programs. It is open to all current students who have participated in an off-campus study program, a fellowship, or a service internship in international development sometime during their four years at Carleton.

Carleton students experience other cultures in many different ways.  They make life-long friends with homestay families and other participants on off-campus programs.  Many expand their off-campus studies field research into senior comps projects when they return to campus.  Others reframe their experiences as fellowship or summer grant proposals and extend their intercultural learning with follow-on research projects.  These 27 photographs, on exhibit in the Library, were selected from over 187 entries in the 27th annual OCS Photo Contest, and capture the sights, colors, textures, and character of students’ off-campus journeys.

Congratulations to the following recipients of this year’s awards:

People:  Kim Bauer ’13 – “Hide and Seek”
Place:  Mary Begley ’14 – “Baikal”
Story:  Linnea Bullion ’13 – “The Courtyard Boy”
People’s Choice:  Cody Wang ’14 – “Dressed Up for the Corroboree”
Libraries of the World:  Berett Wilber ’14 – “The People’s Library”
Foods from Around the World:  Josh Carson ’14 – “Sweet Meat”

Stop by the Library to see the photos! 

OCS thanks the 101 students who submitted fabulous photographs, all the judges, the entire Carleton community for participating in the People’s Choice award (your vote counts!), the Library for highlighting libraries of the world, and Bon AppĂ©tit for the delicious contribution of a new category, foods from around the world.

For more information about Carleton Off-Campus Studies, visit our office in Leighton 119 or our website at go.carleton.edu/ocs.

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