OCS Photo Contest 2014: Submit Your Photos!

13 February 2014

Pick out a few choice photos from your experience and submit them to the OCS Photo Contest. All the details are on the OCS website, but here’s a few tidbits:

You can submit up to two for the contest*. Prizes will be awarded in six categories – people, places, stories, libraries of the world, food, and people’s choice.

The deadline for submitting is Sunday, April 6 (midnight).

It’s open to all current students who have studied on an OCS program sometime during their Carleton years, and current students who have done fellowships, and internships (Initiative for Service Internships in International Development, a Newman Family Fund for Language Study Internships).

*OCS is always happy to receive more, photos of you, academic settings, e.g. studying, measuring, drawing, speaking, etc.; and photos of Carleton faculty directors are great, plus the scenic ones, photos of animals, etc. They’re all great and we can use them, crediting you as the fabulous photog, in posters, info meeting presentations, Accepted Student presentations, on our website, Admissions, Publications etc. If you would like to share more, just contact Leslie (lvanderw).