OCS 2018 Pre-departure Series

1 May 2018

The OCS Office is providing a series of 6 Pre-departure Workshops covering a wide array of topics to prepare students for study abroad experiences.  Find out more about each session and RSVP for available meetings!

  • Direct Enrollment Pre-departure Meeting, (RSVP to hkaufman) 7th Thursday 5/10, Leighton 304, 5pm
  • OCS Field and Independent Research Pre-departure Workshop, (RSVP to hkaufman) 8th Monday 5/14, Leighton 236, 5pm
  • Personal Safety Abroad, 8th Tuesday 5/15, Leighton 304, 5pm
  • How Will My Identities Translate Abroad? 9th Tuesday 5/22, Leighton 236, 5pm
  • Ethical Engagement Abroad, 9th Thursday 5/24, Leighton 236, 5pm
  • Independent Travel Basics, 10th Tuesday 5/29, LDC 104, 5pm

2018-19 Carleton and Non-Carleton OCS program participants are strongly encouraged to attend two or more workshops. Attendance will be taken.