Internship Opportunity with Seize The Trip!

11 September 2012

Want to take your study abroad experience to the next level while also developing important professional skills?

Then become a Global Ambassador Intern with Seize The Trip!

Seize The Trip is a newly launched travel community for active, engaged travelers who want to chart their own path in the cities they visit. We are looking for outgoing students studying, volunteering or working abroad with a passion for travel who want to further their professional development and enhance their study abroad experience.

As a Global Ambassador intern, you will run your own small venture: the sight and activity guide of your assigned city. Over the internship, you will have the responsibilities and develop the skills listed below:

1.  Project Management: design, plan and implement a timeline for completing the guide to your assigned city, and set specific goals for your internship

2.  Research: search the internet effectively to discover sights, activities and cultural events in your assigned city, and identify and contact local tourism officials and tour operators

3.  Sales and Communication: convince foreign officials and operators to provide information on their sights and activities, improving your ability to listen, persuade and negotiate

4.  Product Development: upload the comprehensive logistical information from your research on sights, activities and cultural events to your city specific webpage. Develop and write creative, compelling itineraries using your research that will entice travelers to follow your advice

5.  Marketing and Analytics: experiment with ways to attract new members to both Seize The Trip and your city page, using formal events, informal meetings, or social media. Measure your marketing efforts by analyzing the data we provide on internet traffic and unique visitors to your city page, and engagement of the members you recruit

The Global Ambassador Program is an unpaid internship that can be completed in conjunction with other internships/jobs in the summer and with your studies/work in the fall. The internship will start July 9, 2012 and runs through the course of your study abroad program. The expected time commitment is 8-12 hours per week prior to departure, and less than 5 hours per week once in country.

To visit the beta version of Seize The Trip for Krakow, Poland, click here

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To apply to be a Global Ambassador Intern, click here

Internships are limited, so applications will be considered as they are received with preference given to applicants who submit first. Please contact with any questions about the program or the application.

About us:                                                                                                                                        

Seize The Trip is a start-up online travel community designed for active and engaged travelers who want to chart their own path in the cities they visit. Seize The Trip provides recommended itineraries and comprehensive logistical information on all sights and activities in cities throughout the world.

Seize The Trip is differentiated from other travel sites and guidebooks by the:

·         Activity comparison tool, so travelers can choose the most convenient and/or cost-effective tour

·         Easy-to-use and comprehensive logistical information and reviews by similar travelers

·         Recommended daily itineraries for every city

·         Community where you can share your past itineraries with friends