Hi USA Explore the World Travel Scholarship $2,000

25 January 2019

“HI USA believes in the power of travel to foster a deeper understanding of people, places and culture for a more tolerant world. We promote a dynamic community of global citizens who have the wisdom and humanity to make the world a better place.”  One of the ways that we accomplish this is by enabling meaningful and affordable travel experiences for those who could not otherwise afford to do so through our scholarship programs.  HI USA currently has two scholarship programs 1) Explore America for novice travelers who are ready to embark on their first adventure. The scholarship enables recipients to get comfortable traveling and staying in hostels by offering free dorm overnights at HI USA hostels and a $500 travel stipend.  And 2) Explore the World which provides the recipient with $2,000 to support a trip abroad that includes an educational, volunteer or service learning component. 

Studies show, travel abroad and other international learning experiences improves grade point averages, language learning, and college completion, retention and transfer rates.  Study abroad has also been linked to increased employability and career skills.  We at HI USA have an affinity for working closely with communities through local participation and as a result established the Community Hostelling Fund (CHF) in 2015 to help further support our travel scholarship programs in 14 metropolitan areas across the country including Minnesota.  Our Minnesota Hostel is located inside Itasca State Park in scenic northwestern Minnesota. Last year, Minnesota had 32 applicants for our 2018 Explore the World Program. The scholarship will close on March 2, 2019Explore the World

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